Monday, 21 April 2014

Mid Life Love: At Last By Whitney Gracia Williams

Naturally, Claire and Jonathan are about to take their next step after having a committed, secret relationship and never ending desperation on both their parts.

My thoughts on this novel are 50/50. It had it's purpose but I can see people thinking that this could have been a wedding novella instead of a full length novel. The dilemma is evident. I personally, would have liked the focus to be on Claire and Jonathan's wedding, as oppose to Ryan losing his ever loving mind! They never were the most important of characters, but I always saw Ryan and Amanda as worlds away living their life. I neither hated or cared much for them, but their inclusion in this novel had me stopping and asking if these two are for real o.O

Jonathan continued to throw money like it's air and Claire gave us progress and even more pieces of herself. She took us to her past and showed us how she has changed since her moment of desperation at the end of Mid Life Love.

The characters were funny as usual and the planning of the wedding was equal parts frustrating, romantic and hilarious. I love the details and moments we got to share in the planning and ceremony. Every body got a role and together it was fantastic! Even with change, they both brought traits from the previous book; Jonathan was more possessive than before and I completely forgot Claire's age and that she had issues with their age difference. I saw her as nothing else than an occasionally frazzled bride to be.

I guess any good book needs conflict, but this one seemed more like a curve ball. I still don't see the need, especially with the impact it had on the story line. We never got to meet Ryan and Amanda last time and after this novel, I think it should have stayed that way. All they did, was ruin their lives.

The twins remained hilarious and continued to lack a filter. I am also glad that the cliched things we expected weren't addressed. It's nice when I can be thrown even if it's not that far off.

The sex was the same as before with a few tweaks and I will admit that the little BDSM scene got me thinking and I therefore expected some down and dirty honeymoon sex! I appreciate the issues that were cleared and the ones that still need developing. In the end though, it all came across as one big epilogue, Jonathan and Claire style.

Claire continued to shrug her molds and kept us all on our toes. From her witty one liners to her full blown rants at Amanda, Ryan and even Jonathan. I love that she isn't afraid to stand up to anyone and in the most embarrassing of situations, she shines.

I had a great time watching the planning and executing of this wedding with Claire, Jonathan and their closest friends and families. I also wish we had spent some more time with Milton in book 1 because he is quite the character.

As much as was possible from the past was brought forward, while every one is moving and trying to find their place. We chilled on beaches and experience a little BDSM nightlife Costa Rica style. We saw what real friends do in your time of need and changed the perspective of Jonathan as more than the young billionaire tossing dollars. We saw an ugly side of him that I think helped to break him from his mold.

We also got to know him and Hayley better, with a trip into their past. He continues to be sweet, considerate, jealous, possessive and I love him. Whitney Williams is throwing and extravagantly ridiculous affair for Claire Gracen and Jonathan Stratham, don't miss it!

P.s. Love the cover model! She is gorge!

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