Friday, 11 April 2014

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1 By Whitney Gracia Williams

I have never heard of or read a book by this author before, but I can say that I am now a fan of her work. No offence to those published authors out there, living their dream and feeding their families, but sometimes self-published novels have an air and quality about them that published ones can't measure to. I always say, that "starving" artiste (I mean that in a good way), normally produce some of the best works.

Without a reasonable doubt, I can say that I enjoyed this story. I love the characters, detail, story line and development. For the first time, I could actually manage them throwing each other up against walls, without rolling my eyes to the sky. The thing that has me weary, is her wanted career path. I am one of those persons who ALWAYS have a plan B and thoroughly believe in stability. Therefore, I kind of want her to be committed to being a lawyer.

I like all the characters so far and even the cliches are tolerable. There isn't much spin or twist to the story line from others of it's genre and subject matter, but there is something about Aubrey and Andrew that makes you fall in love with them and exclude them from the group some people would say they are firmly apart of.

Andrew is a douche to everyone but Alyssa; He is witty, intelligent, sarcastic, sexy, possibly and introvert and quite the dirty talker. I don't mind that this novel has two POVs, but I currently slightly prefer Andrew to Aubrey's POV. He got me from the first page and I just kept on yearning for him right down to the last.

Aubrey is quite the hellcat when provoked and I love her "honesty", I say this tentatively. She adds fire and intensity, she is outspoken, confident and it completely baffles me, as to her lack of friends. I loved her instantly and her banters with Andrew are hilarious, spicy and always end with some arousing kink free sex. It's raw, gritty, passionate, unexpected and in just the right amount of doses.

This novel is all about pace; You have to pace yourself for Andrew's, past and the demons he are trying to outrun. You also have to pace yourself with regards to their future, because Andrew's past is unknown and the present is murky at best.

I love the details and time placed in each conversation and scene. I am actually shocked that this is novella length, because so much is packed in there without you paying attention to the length. I have learnt so much about and from both, while still waiting on the superglue to tie everything together. Maybe Andrew will lend me some off his office floor :)

The ending is unfortunately firmly in cliffhanger territory. I'm not gonna front like I'm not disappointed, as his secrets are crawling from their holes and his reaction after Aubrey's last revelation is definitely on my mind. I am thinking up all sort of scenarios at this point and dying to meet the new addition, as well as, to figure out what took the hot shot New York lawyer to North Carolina.

There is many more to learn and experience with Andrew and Aubrey. I love them as individuals and as a couple, which I believe is important in romance novels of this nature. If the characters don't know themselves, how will we know?

Their story flows while it brings heat, sexiness, mystery and joy. There is always something happening or being revealed and the main relationship dynamic, has me excited in a way I haven't been in awhile with new stories.

I hope the continuation will keep this momentum and I can't wait to see what book 2 brings. Hopefully, it's a little longer, because I have fallen in love with fire and fire; It can make the biggest blaze we have ever seen or it can burn until it fizzles. I personally am voting for the first option, so I shall cross my fingers and toes until the next installment.

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