Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Last Resolution (A New Year's Novella) By Whitney Gracia Williams

You have got to be kidding me! Come back with the rest of my story Ms. Williams! I wanna know what happens and I certainly don't see a follow-up book for this story! WTH was that though!!! Arghhh!!!

It's safe to say I loved it! It was short, sweet, spicy and packed with so much into it's 118 pages. We not only meet two complete strangers, but we get to understand them as individuals and accept them as a couple. Though not much on Blake's part, we got a load of history from Paris.

I initially hated her name because I am not a fan of names of places for a person's name, but I completely forgot about that and everything Nashville the moment he said "Your in my seat"

I felt like I knew both main characters for years and had invested in there story for the same amount of time. It was fiery, detailed, romantic and memorable, without even leaving the house. It's phenomenal to see what can be packed into a well written, developed and delivered novella. This was more fulfilling than the last two full length novels I read.

All important issues and conversation were covered and we got clarity and opinions from all necessary parties. I will be the first to say that my initial reaction was that this chick is crazy! I still think she is, but the way she takes control of not only her life, but events and a room for the matter, is magnificent. They are the perfect match and there was never a dull moment. I am desperate to know how their story will end but I doubt we might ever get that, because it might take away from the path chartered for this story.

The emotions were real, so were many of her thoughts in relation her ex. I understand the feelings and the inner struggles and monologues; I also understand how some one might interpret this story as too much of a fairy tale, but I never got that. It could have thread the line, but it was no where near.

Maybe this story has been told before, but it's new to me. I loved all the characters, Adrian included and i think it held a flair of originality. I don't normally do road trip novels, because I like stability, but I loved this one and hope to see them acclimate to their separate lives, together. The appeal of them as a couple is too strong!

We only got one in depth sex scene but I loved it! It comprised of both sides and gave you soft and hard depending on what you like. There were a lot of reverse rolls also and even missing some pertinent information on Blake, but I never felt the lost and lived in every moment.

After reading two novella length books and a prologue to a novel, it's safe to say that Whitney G. Williams is now one of my new favourite authors. I am sincerely a fan!

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