Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Once Upon a Billionaire By Jessica Clare

It was exactly how I pictured Griffin! Pairing him with Maylee was a brilliant move that added to the juxtaposition of this novel. My major complain, would be the ending, as I personally don't believe they were ready for that step yet. Especially with Griffin's previous predilections, I see them being able to fall in love, but they aren't in love yet. A couple ice cream cones and a trip to Spain doesn't change Griffin being a prat and Maylee being ... well Maylee. It felt rushed and out of place. I would have preferred to see them taking a step to get to know each other in NYC, where their real lives are, as most of this story is set in Belissime.

Griffin was every bit the pretentious snob that he is and I am happy that even in the end, that didn't change. I enjoyed his English lessons as well as his banter and dislike for Gretchen. They are a brotherhood, but readers of this series are well aware that there are mini groups within, so for the first time, we got some insight and good enough conversation from Jonathan.

Maylee is country! There is no two ways about it. She is full of everything that makes a Southern country bumpkin. She has the walk, talk, wardrobe and even the outlook on life. I was just as appalled as Griffin, because I keep thinking that Maylee has been in NYC a while now. I didn't dislike her character, but I wasn't a fan of her hang ups either. I learn to tolerate it, but I never got over it. She seemed more suited in Alabama than she did NYC, but what I like, is when she stands up for herself and not only give us a confident side, but allow us to see just how incompetent Griffin is in taking care of himself.

The banters were hilarious and there was good conversation, as Jessica continues to find the best females to complement this group of playboy Billionaires. She also kept her theme of isolation until the couple is ready to face the world together, this time, it was all the way in Belissime.

I am going to assume that this country is fictional, because I am unable to find it on a map, Google or otherwise, but I liked the culture and details placed in helping us to experience this country through the eyes of both Griffin and Maylee.

The sex, when it finally happened, wasn't off the charts hot, but it was more than I expected from Griffin. To be honest, I thought he'd either be gay or a virgin o.O

Even though we got the scholar, Maylee helped us to see the tatted rebel who can be unleashed. She got me to see Griffin as more than novels and digging up old ruins. We got to spend time with the Scholar and the relaxed Viscount of the group, as he went on an European adventure with his ditsy, borrowed assistant. It was full of laughs, fun, culture, new experiences and a few country home remedies ... burn talker? Really?

It's a short one sitting read with English lessons as you go. No one has yet to beat Hunter and Gretchen's book in this series, but Jessica Clare continues to give us satisfying, compatible romance stories from this series. It highlighted both characters personalities while allowing us to understand and accept them as a couple.

P.S. ... It's probably not gonna happen and too late anyways, but I would have sworn one of them would have been gay ... oh well!


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