Thursday, 17 April 2014

Underworld Champions By Ella Stone

Everyone keeps talking about this book being similar to some other biker novel. I haven't read that other novel, so I can't confirm or deny, but from my perspective, I think this novel brought it's own flavour to the world of bikers. I also appreciate that it was set in Australia, as oppose to the US and they spoke of their US charters instead of the other way around.

Once you have read one biker novel, you've read them all. The basics are the same, the names are ridiculously inappropriate or aiming to drive fear and the women are doing and aiming for the same thing. I have yet to find one on the caliber of Madeline Sheehan's 'Undeniable' series, but this one didn't do too bad in my opinion, I have definitely read worse.

There were some overly sappy moments and a few conversations that were premature in my opinion, but I eventually acclimated to it all and appreciate it for the individuality it possess for me.

Maddie is not your usual broken girl or biker novel heroine. Yes, she had a rough life, she is running from her past and a person in said past, but she faces it all like such a trooper. She doesn't curse and moan about her sad life and if not for her nightmares and occasionally voiced insecurities, you would never know that she is a really damaged girl that isn't even looking for love. She is looking for a better future and life, I would actually believe her if she gave that cheesy romance line of not looking for love.

Maddie is feisty, witty, straight forward and has no problem speaking her mind. She take what she wants and makes no apologies for it. She is a bad ass and I hate seeing her lose some of that fire as the novel progressed; She fell into a mold and she wasn't the girl that challenged biker's with guns and broke into their homes.

I don't understand or know much about Cole, or his feelings for Maddie, but he says they are there and they seem to work as a couple.We didn't get much of his back story, but there was so much going on that I didn't notice until the end. His family is a mixture of depravity, confusion and so much more.

Speaking of endings, this one was sad and depressing. I think it all happened too fast for the impact it possess and regardless of what the author wants us to think, I do blame Maddie and I am sure others do and will in the upcoming novel. The lost was surreal and personal for readers. It was over so fast that I didn't get time to reflect or review on the fallen. Major characters, that I expected to maybe even get a book of their own, didn't make it to the last page. I started hoping for the fairy tale recovery and after math. I got none :(

Maddie and Cole are like bunnies, so expect a lot of sexing all over the place. Public and private. It was entertaining to hear how some members got their alias and I definitely think Mango tops the bunch :)

Tthe story line is a good one but I would have loved to spend more time with Maddie and her immediate family. I didn't mind the insta-romance, but I wanted some family time too. I think it was important in this novel, especially as we got to the end.

This is a quick read, because I got up, read it then got ready for work. It's fast-paced, sticking to the points and wasting no time in getting to the matters at hand. It replicates no other biker romance novel that I have ever read and the characters and their personalities grow on you. I never heard of Aussie bikers before, don't even know if they exist, but I did like this story and have no problem reading the next one.

It's not perfect, gripping or that intriguing of a novel, but it's interesting enough and comprises of a different point of interest and scenery. Not only are the hero and heroine far from shy, they follow their own rules and take us on quite the ride down under!

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