Saturday, 19 April 2014

Spin By C.D. Reiss

Is it me or is it the stories that I have been reading of late? I don't understand a thing! What was that?! Where is this going? I kept on wondering if it was because I hadn't read the 'Songs of Submission' series, but I find as I went along, that it didn't really matter. Johnathan was featured when necessary but it neither aided or injured the story. He helped with a problem and gave us a cameo of Monica, but that's about it. You really might not need to read that series to read this one.

Theresa is brave, fierce,  loyal, fiery and most importantly, adaptable. Maybe a little too adaptable. She easily switches between clairvoyant accountant to Mafia queen with the press of a trigger. Thing is, I actually believe it. She can be any one she needs to be in a  moment and I love that about her.

My problem is, where does it all fit? I need more of her past and family history to understand the woman she is today and aiming to be in the future. She's rich, loyal, ruthless and is brimming with potential, but I still wanna know where she is coming from and what gives her the ability to tackle problems like she does.

She seem to have a boat load of siblings and her family doesn't seem as clean as I initially thought. The deeper this story gets, the more confusing I become, to the point where I had to re-read a few conversations and lines because I wasn't sure who was speaking or what they were talking about.

I like Spin. I actually like calling him Spin also :)

I enjoy Spin the lawyer, the sentimental Italian, the persistent suitor and even the jealous boyfriend. What I didn't care for, was Spin the Capo. There were moments when I liked him being an Italian boss, but then his world got crazy and he just seems too soft to be apart of it, much less lead it. His explanation of his past life was also like a scene straight out of 'The Godfather Part I' ... I could literally anticipate his next visual.

If this had remained a love story between a businessman, accountant and District Attorney, then I'd have a better angle. When you got into the underworld crime scene, I was not impressed and it's not just because of the lack of answers.

The sex scenes were not as hot as I anticipated for a man of his description and a few were rushed and felt forced. I don't know about any one else, but not even a porn star's first time doing anal would be the outcome of Theresa's. I was a little scared for Spin at that point o.O

I doubt they had sex in a bed once and I am fine with that, but after the first sex scene, it all became repetitious.

There were a lot of details and potential for witty one liners and growth. The story however, fell in a mold and by the end I was even more lost and thoroughly surprised at the end. Cliffhangers have become a regular in the world of novels, but this one gave no clarity on no one item. Everything is a loose end.

I love a good Mafia book, preferably Russian, but I don't mind a little Italian occasionally. I just didn't get the mafia vibe from this novel at all. Personally, I don't think he was respected as a Boss and I am still unaware of his actual operations, if any. He can beat out a brick wall, fix an Italian car, make great scrambled eggs, drive like a NASCAR driver and get a complete stranger to lick vomit off the hood of a car. Mafia Capo? ... Not so much.

A lot of details were placed in crime network; the world of Hollywood talent and movie producing. I always love and commend an author who do their research. She might not have a lot of help with Capo's in the Italian mob, but she excelled in crime covers, producing a movie and pouring over financials.

This story needs direction and a solid background, not built on hearsay, to get us a better understanding of the main characters. I don't connect with them as a couple. They could be such a strong pair together. I can see them dominating any room and I hope we will get more of that in the next installment. At their age and maturity, they are too grown to be picking petals off of "he loves me not" flowers.

I'd  read the next installment, but I am not in a big hurry. I was surprised to see that at this time, not even a blurb was present for the next installment, especially with where the book ended. I find it hard to believe that the author wrote to that abrupt point and just called it quits.

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