Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Last Breath By Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick

I will admit that it took me 5 days to finish reading this novel, but it is no way a reflection of the novel itself and just a busy week for me. It is actually a short one sitting read.

The Daniel we got in 'Last Breath' is not the one I remembered or thought I would get from 'Last Hit'. He's not a bad hitman, but he just seemed so much more whimsical and convicted in 'Last Hit'. He was more of an air head once he started spending time with Regan and I swear, given the right author, he would have died two fight scenes into the early chapters of this novel.

I didn't pay much attention to Regan before and I didn't really connect with her now either. I find that I love the men of this series, more than I do the females and only Naomi seems able to change or challenge that. She left an impact on me as a reader. I have always professed my love for the crazies, but I think this is my first female love in this category.

 I love a good Ukrainian or Russian based novel, so the introduction of Vasily was also great. We didn't spend much time with his character, but it's made me excited for the next novel in this series. I had hoped for some Nick time, and while not a lot, I was ecstatic to spend some time with one of my favorite hitmen.

The base of this story is one we have read before and I feel as though the execution and build up was very soft. I wasn't on the edge of my seat, as it was extremely easy and laid back in relation to it's issues. The gunfights were few and the hand to hand combat was more than we got from 'Last Hit'. I have no problem with the fighting or executions in this novel, but I would have loved more feelings from the characters and scenes. If your gonna nail a man to a cross and burn him alive, I wanna feel and believe it.

The romance aspect left me boggled, as I was unaware, as to when they fell in love. Was between raped repeatedly and having mutual masturbation? When exactly did the love happen? I was actually waiting for him to train her as an assassin and they travel the world as mercenaries. Guess it's just my imagination running away with me again o.O

Daniel was quirky and cool, he's one of those guys that you would just love to be friends with. He kept up the humour, excitement and pretty much added the soul and life to this novel. Left up to Regan, we'd be clinging to a pole, feeling abandoned. I preferred his narration to Regan's and I would surely read another novel about him, without Regan.

Regan is supposed to be damage. However, she reminds us frequently as to her shortcomings and we or I, certainly need those reminders, as I sometimes think she was raped once instead of repeatedly. What I appreciate from her emotional wise, is her occasional resentment to Daisy. It is warranted and completely normal in her circumstances and it adds a realistic element to her personality.

Even though I didn't connect with the romance of this story or Regan, I love Daniel, Vasily, Naomi and Nick. I believe it's a well written and edited novel and I have been a fan of Jessica Clare since I read 'Stranded with a Billionaire'. I became a fan of Jen Frederick when I read 'Last Hit' and I will continue to support this series, because I love the crazy characters and their navigation through the world of crime. They aren't the top of the crime food chain and that alone gives them their own original spin.

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