Friday, 23 May 2014

A Debt Repaid By N. Isabelle Blanco

The premise was different. Silly really and I could surely think of another way to recover what was stolen but I still wanted to read this novel. Surprise, surprise, I was bored and Chase is an idiot who is giving away millions for a woman who I don't think is worth it.

We spent more time in the mind of Aria than we did having conversations, learning about the main characters and sifting through the deeds of Douglas. This novel was shallow but packed more intensity than it's topics warranted. Unfortunately, the intensity and feelings didn't match the actual content. Also, someone please give the VP/best friend a name because his name couldn't decide if it was Marcus or Matthew. Depends on the day.

Drop every romance novel cliche with the intensity of every book ever read and you have this story. I don't really know or understand these characters even with it being a dual POV novel. Every one is either angry, really intense or bred from so many cliches that it's impossible to know who they are out of their molds. My favourite character is Adam and the kid is 5 with like 5 minutes of shine.

I understand Aria's reservations but I  don't sympathize or connect with her on any other level than she is the one who narrates most of this story. Hilary's character comes in like a tornado and then exit just as fast. As a female, I  know that their is that one friend in your life, sometimes more, that you lean on when it all goes belly up. Hilary is suppose to be that friend but she came off more as an alien beamed down to retrieve something and then return to the mother ship. Weird analogy? Possibly, but as I said before, development was not he author's top priority. I know nothing about this woman other than she must be rich, been around a while and she is apparently beautiful and hates Douglas for years. Guess that's all we need.

I honestly believed this story would be memorable and left me reeling needing to read the next but I am pretty sure that I can wait. Obviously, I am gonna wanna know what's next but I am in no rush. It's just plain human curiosity.

I like Chase and I could love his character. We got the most back story about him and got personal with his past and present life. However, there is still a level of indifference to him but I have no deep interest to claw at those barriers to get to the man within. I could however read the entire story from his POV and maybe with another woman. I don't know about him but I am tired of Aria's indecision and uncertainty.

Aria's character is annoying and everything that is wrong with cliched insta-lust, love, regret female heroine's. No one is forcing her to do anything, no one is even in her way. People get separated and date all the time and some even commit crimes and get married while still married. Get off your horse Aria because it doesn't even fit you.

I can see them having that one sex scene but I just can't see them as a couple. I think he can do better and Aria is just plain annoying so I just don't really wanna have to interact with her. I seem to tolerate her more from Chase's POV.

Also, not to be outdone, this story added another cliched couple into the mix with Lori and Brent and while I wasn't rolling my eyes, about 30% into this novel I was over this story. I only continued because I really don't wanna have a DNF. I suspect one day a book will be bad enough to make me finally have that shelf but for now, I powered through to a not as intense as the author thinks sex scene and the blatant irresponsibility didn't even do anything for me. The whole story did nothing for me. I literally wanna pick some characters and points and make a whole new story. I am  actually hoping that someone has written a story with this premise but a better delivery.

I wasn't impressed but I wasn't disgusted either. I was just indifferent. I won't even disrespect debut authors by saying that this was debut work. This was just flat, uninspiring, annoying and over before it even began. There was no real direction, chemistry, development or stability. There are sweet touches and a few comedic moments but for the most part I just wanted it to end.

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