Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Nash By Jay Crownover

So, I'm still battling my sinusitis from hell this week but I had to power through a novel and I am glad it was Nash. I find that I never really took stock of his character before and at the end of this novel I wasn't ready to move on. I wanted more of Nash and Saint, especially Royal. I don't know how she will fit in yet, but I am desperate to see if this is all we will be getting from the fierce redhead!

This was a calm and sweet novel about loving yourself before anything else. It focused more on the events in both main characters lives than it did the romance. Which was fine, because these two were made for each other and I like that the struggle was more with her past life than the man she chose to love presently. Though the same, they are different. The story line and main characters were different and not as angry or lost as the novels and characters before. Yes, they had to walk their own paths to absolution but their journey was more secure than before. Even when they were on separate pages, they were close. 

There wasn't the attitude of Rule, absence and struggles of Jet and the constant anger and lost that plagued Rome. It was sweet Nashville, yes, that's his full name, and his love for Saint and his uncle turned dad.

Once again, it was the disease from hell but I liked how it was represented and it progressed so as to give us all the answers and leave us with a sense of completion. If every one could leave the world with that comfort, minus the pain, it'd definitely be a better world.

Saint was insecure, which a lot of women struggle with, even the pretty ones and it showed in her lifestyle and ideologies. I like though that it didn't make her shy away completely. She was fierce and I had a hard time seeing her as fat and shy. She seemed to dominate when she blew through and I loved her rational and interactions with her mom. If anything, I would want to see her have some of the similar conversations with her father.

Nash was sweet, sensitive an everything contradictory to the other members of this series. I thought Asa was my favorite, even though I have yet to read his story, but Nash is surely giving him a run now that I have gotten to known the broody artiste away from the Marked and all it's other band of misfits.

We got to experience Rule and Shaw's wedding and I am grateful for that. They started it all and I love that while we go, we continue to get updates on all the stories passed. I'm normally not a fan of this, but Nash's take is done to not make it seem like a revisit to the past, but a present discussion. I also liked his one on one with Asa because I love a redeemed, struggling lunatic of a bad boy and Asa confirmed and holds that spot for me.

I never paid much attention to Rowdy before but I think my interest is peaked more because of Salem than Rowdy himself. Royal has me pairing her with Asa also but who knows! Jay Crownover has a way to just insert a character out of the blue and they fit. It really is a band of castaways that make for the most well rounded group of friends.

Nash in the eyes of a young Saint was good. I actually wanted to spend time in the past with them to see them interact. I am also grateful that we could get Nash's POV and that he didn't have super memory of that incident like Saint did, because it made for a more realistic angle and gave justification for her erratic behaviour.

This was a match made in heaven and a love and crush lasting the span of years. Nash is the glue of this group and he's also the most secure and sure in his endeavours. He tackles his problems head on and I just wish we got more time with Phil so we could see him understand and appreciate the love he was searching for.

You are guaranteed to fall in love with all the characters of this novel as the drama was less and life's choices were highlighted. We get a real romance without the endless drama and heartbreaking separation. 

I enjoyed every page of this novel and no one was left in the wind. It was more laid back than previous novels but I have to say that I really enjoyed this mellow mood while the pills kept me calm and half awake. Even so, I was never bored and while the sex wasn't Rule and Shaw's kinda rowdy play, it was good and I love when a man is willing to make a woman in charge in the bedroom. Sometimes we need to dominate too ;)

Coming from a chick with a few piercings of her own, I always enjoy the many different piercings in this series and the ideas they bring. I will say that this was another great novel by Jay Crownover, whose real name I finally got, by reading more than just the story :)

Love, lost, trust and change is prevalent. There is a handle for every one and I absolutely love the beginning quotes of the epigraph. My favorite quote was among them and that alone had me ready and rearing to go.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Truer words have never been spoken!

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