Sunday, 11 May 2014

Willing Captive By Belle Aurora

So, here I am tittering between 2 and 3 stars so I say ... "Hey! Let me go over to Goodreads and see what's up". Imagine my surprise, that on the first page of reviews for this book, I could only spot two reviews that matched my ratings and feelings. Therefore, here goes my minority report ...

My commitment wavered with this story. In the beginning I was not a fan and was contemplating having my first DNF. As it progressed, it didn't get much better either. It took me taking a break, then going back to read the end scenes, to appreciate and get a different view of this story and it's characters. I am still not 100% won over but I ended with a better rating than I carried while reading.

Lily is immature and I assume we are to blame this on her sheltered life and issues of her past that not even she could recall. Still, I find the dialogue of not only herself but Nox, occasionally to be that of a 13 year old instead of the 23 and 28 years old they were suppose to be. His mocking feminine moments weren't cute either. It just left me doing a face palm x_x

Nox is a no nonsense guy and I like that he took his job serious. He wasn't blinded by lust and even when things got heated he stuck to at least half of the procedures. I still don't know where she was being kept. I also didn't mind the build up to their relationship. It was cute and not so much insta lust and love. Yes, she looked but she wasn't all ready and willing to be a captive.

Speaking of, please believe the side note that notifies you that this isn't a dark and twisted thriller. It's really not. At one point in time, I forgot that she was even in danger. I still don't even see or acknowledge the threat. That's mainly because there was no build up or information there even though we got both characters POV.

I was not familiar with the "threat" and the reveal felt very anti climatic, like the story needed to end, so let's just reveal the masterminds in the most Steven Segal way and get onto the HEA. Positive side? No cliffhangers. This one is all wrapped up!

I say Steven Segal ending because of the account of the deaths and all the crazy super spy shenanigans that followed the big "reveal". I mean, this man is having a full fledged phone conversation, with two bullet holes in his chest -_-

In relation to spies, Rock and Boo need better names. Just had to get that off my chest. Now moving on ... this novel was more light and airy and never felt like a kidnapping for 3/4 of the journey. There were also so many pointless things that I now wonder why we were even privy to the information. We spent buck loads of time watching this girl train. I swore she would at least get to cut somebody o.O

As I said in the beginning, I was more interested in this book after the climax. To see the lingering effects, of a malicious few, woke me up. Heroes are suppose to withstand anything the book world throws at them but Nox shows his mortality and it's more revealing than most. His scars aren't emotional and they are definitely permanent. I actually think it was drastic because messing with his head was enough. Then again, I wouldn't have felt the power in this novel without those scenes. I actually wanted to read more of this story when we got to those scenes. I was more interested in him struggling and adjusting to his new life than I was the "kidnapping".

Another positive for me, was that I read 'Raw' before I read 'Willing Captive'. So at the end of this novel, Belle notifies us of Nox's cameo in 'Raw'. I was squealing with excitement to revisit my beloved Twitch because I didn't remember Nox.

I am now more familiar with Nox and Lily, bridged a gap and got to revisit a character I loved. I toe the line between recommending and not recommending this novel so I say try it for yourself. Don't expect blatant lies, dark and twisted depression between the H/h. It's quite a fluffy read but it's not that bad that you can't power through.

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