Monday, 5 May 2014

Then Came Alexandra By E.L. Todd

First off, I don't know in which world Blaise was and can be a playboy. He is too sensitive and too much of a push over to the point where his behavior disgust. Maybe it's a Southern thing but this man was more sentimental than all the women of this novel combined. Grow a spine man!

Gabe was ridiculously annoying and I continued to roll my eyes at the intensity with which these men fought for Alexandra. It was like answering to a siren's call with how they behaved. I actually think that Blaise needs some anger management classes and is one upset away from being a woman beater, even if Danielle is infuriating and deserves it.

Speaking of which, why does Danielle have so much power in this story? I believe the conflict of this story can easily be solved with a good ol' fashion conversation between all parties involved. Her secret isn't much of a secret and at the price of my happiness? Sorry, can't do it! Especially if I loathe you the way he "claims" he loathes Danielle. At this point, he doesn't deserve Alexandra because he isn't man enough to put Danielle in her place and give Alexandra a reason to forgive him and see past this betrayal.

Then in comes Paul. He is a douche. I say this, because he is. There is no justification for cheating and emotional cheating is way worse than physical cheating. Still, there is something about him I like. He shows up at the literal beginning and end of this novel but I'd give him a chance over Blaise because he is honest and man enough to clear the air and try to make it work. Right now, he is the better candidate.

Martha is hilarious and I think she adds that wise, parental aspect to this novel, without any one feeling like a disappointment. She seems to be the glue that ties every one together and I love her blunt one on one conversations with both Blaise and Alexandra.

This was my first real Southern novel. I didn't know what to expect, so I expected nothing. It's kind of sweet and it's not the culture shock I assumed it to be. Their ideologies and time frame was quick but it worked for them. They don't beat around the bush or waste time. Except for the very irresponsible Blaise -_-

I am comfortably with them as a couple, for however long it was, but I am not crazy about them either. As I said, Blaise needs to grow a pair! Dual POVs can have their advantage but every time I switched to Blaise I just wanted to pummel him. The wording of his POVs from most conversations, outside of the ones with Martha and Alexandra, came of rather feminine and left me rolling my eyes with their delivery. It was so melodramatic and sappy. I wanted a strong country male perspective, not this whiny, ungrateful, sap of a man.

You might be thinking that I hate him but I don't. I just think that his behaviour, after his major screw up that could be seen a mile away, knocked him down a notch in my book. His confidence in his sexual prowess baffles me, because it was also very sweet and tame sex. You are not a sex God Blaise. Please repeat this to yourself!

The more time Alexandra spent in Savannah, the more she started to seem less mature than the raging NYC girl who showed up in the middle of the night with issues a mile long. She was strong, independent and witty in the opening of this novel and to the end I saw some more of that. Maybe it's Paul who brings out the rugged in her.

We only had one interaction with Abby but I love it! She is hilarious and I can see how Alexandra could have all those tough city chick traits because her sister and aunt is no different. Lana and Hannah are the epitome of Southern girls and all the cotton rearing was done in just the right amount as to not overwhelm this story. It's a short read and I got it done in a couple hours while doing the laundry.

I think this was a good, solid story that carries just the right Southern sway. I am not a fan of cheating novels, as my last was 'Thoughtless' by S.C. Stephens, over a year ago, so I am tentative to read the next novel in this series.

Despite all the grammatical, spelling and editing errors, as well as, the lack of balls on Blaise, I enjoyed this installment and would read the next in the series.


  1. Seriously where is the proof reading? But over all a good read

    1. I understand that sometimes even when you proof read a novel you might miss a few things but I agree, this was a lot. Luckily it didn't detract from the story