Monday, 19 May 2014

Broken By A.E. Murphy

I need to process this book that I just read and I don't even know how. My skin is literally prickling after reading this novel and between the ending and the preview of book 2 I am left shaken, confused and hoping Nathan isn't as crazy as I think he is, because from germaphobe to killer is quite a bracket.

This story has three distinct tones that you might miss because you are so wrapped up in the story line. There is the light and fluffy bordering on unrealistic beginning, the changes and growth in the middle and the convoluted and uncertain ending.

I was tempted to stop reading when I began because the beginning wasn't the most solid of starts. It felt very naive and filled with childish fantasies and actions, so I was skeptic while wondering who are these Disney kids? Then everything goes to hell and I literally see the story switch to heartache and unbearable pain. They might not have fell but my eyes did quite the job today at holding my tears at bay. One more painful description and I'd have been weeping like a baby. We moved into a more mature setting until we finally transitioned into the unpredictable ending and even more frightening preview.

I connected with every single one of the main characters. Caleb was the fun, fairy tale side and I loved and missed him with every bone in my body. There will never be enough time passed for you to forget this character. I was depressed with her and felt every pity stare and brick wall to a shelter.

I love Gwen. I thought her silly at first but she completely won me over. She was loyal, fierce, opinionated and real. Yes, she's hormonal but she respected herself and Caleb even when he was no longer around. She had literally found her soul mate and no matter what any one else says I will always love him for her. There is no man in the world like Caleb and even though we might learn some of his secrets in the next novel people can change and he did. We never saw a bad side. He was the loving, caring, compassionate boyfriend to the point of being selfish. Prevention is better than cure and he could have prevented half the pain Gwen endured if he had prepared properly and spoke to her about what they were really up against.

Though I am irrevocably in love with Caleb this story has two sides and the lead for the next is Nathan. I like Nathan but I don't trust him. It took not only Gwen, but myself as a reader, time to warm to his character and before I know it, I was acclimating to his current role and medical condition. What came at the end though just stirred me even more and got me wondering what will happen next. His next move will determine if I continue to get to know and like him or loathe him forever.

It's impossible to not get tangled up in this story. The characters are real, their decisions are tough but their own and resentment runs rampant with hate and indifference. The sex in this novel is virginal and is PG at best. It was all about the story line and I love that. We followed the lost of a promising life; a single, homeless, unemployed almost widow trying to get by and a man with a literal vault of secrets and quite the mental illness.

Once this story picks up speed, it doesn't slow. It holds you and dare you to take this journey across the pond. As usual, nothing beats a good UK novel written by someone from the UK or at the very least, with a strong hold in their culture. The dialect was definitely British and I love using my dictionary as I sorted through British slang.

It was an emotional roller coaster and I didn't wanna get off this ride. There is a moment for every one and after the first 10% I was hooked and couldn't put it down. I read it all in an afternoon as I was unable to move until I saw 100% on my kindle. This is normally when I know a book is good and has you right where it wants you.

 I was surprised at the authors age  because the pain and struggles were real and spoke of more worldly experience than her 23 years. All the same though, congratulations on tapping and unlocking some intense feelings and reactions.

I love it. I recommend it and what makes it even better, it's currently FREE on Amazon and Smashword.

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