Sunday, 25 May 2014

Elite By Rachel Van Dyken

I seem to be in a rut. Once I pick a bad book in a genre, I seem to unconsciously continue the trend. This week it's bad, unrealistic mafia romances. I don't understand the structure of this crime network and the fact that they are afraid of their Sicilian counterparts that should be family. Literally.

The premise of the Elite Academy silly, far fetched and pointless like the children who attend. They are more high school bullies than college aged adults who are suppose to be the head of billion dollar empires and countries in the future. I wouldn't want them to rule a jerk pan.

Nixon is a douche and there was not enough redeeming qualities for me to fall in love with him. Also, what self respecting Sicilian mob boss walks around with a lip ring? o.O

Tracey is like a chameleon. She is naive when she wants to be but at times I can her as part of a mafia family. That might turn into a blessing because Nixon doesn't seem like the repentant kind. That might be his saving grace for me. He likes to bad and I just love when they are bad and loving it!

Phoenix's character baffles and annoy me. His history with the Elect is lengthy but his anti climatic reveals and cheesy villain displays just had me rolling my eyes. The boy needs some work in that department. Tex spent most of his time with his tongue down Monroe's throat so I can't really judge his character. Chase is a sweetheart who doesn't d bad guy well either. Actually, none of them do but Nixon tries a little better. Eventually.

This fascination with cows is ridiculous and annoying. It's not funny, romantic or any other sentiment the author was going for. It's just plain 'ol cheesy. I can't see the path this novel is trying to take and I think the hype of the Abandonato name is too far fetched and borders on fairy tale.

Speaking of which, the names in this novel is ridiculous! They have plain old regular American names and the tackiest made up Sicilian names known to man. Alfredo without the 'D' and Abandonato? C'mon! You can do better!

There is no steam or attraction even between Tracey, Nixon and Chase. Tracey is a jovial, "farm girl" and that's all she was. Her relationship with Nixon and Chase was more friendly than steamy and the lust factor was 0. I just see them as a silly group of friends who are apparently apart of Mafia families.

I have now read a total of 3 books from Rachel Van Dyken and I really want to know who wrote 'Ruin' because I have yet to read another book that matches 'Ruin' in emotions, intensity and overall story line, progression and development. This novel was juvenile, unrealistic and over the top in every possible way.

This school would have to be another Hogwarts to have even half of the amenities it possess and the super secret, mafia academy just came off as flat, cliched and quite frankly stupid.

I didn't connect with the characters like I expected and even though I don't hate any of them I don't believe their roles either. The friendships aren't solid but what we have so far could turn into a strong fort and for that and sheer curiosity I will continue with this series for now.

I still don't know what the secret is and I think their plan was a stupid one with not much direction or point much like this novel. Everyone is impulsive and it just makes for even more mess that just confuses more than it explains. The explanations that we do get are also so out of bounds that I just move on anyway.

The story line is choppy, the characters are more YA based than NA and the mafia elements are just not convincing. If there is a love triangle, I don't see it, as there is barely any love or passion between any of the main characters. I really hope book two will find a balance and answer some questions because I am lost and very close to just giving up on the series.

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