Saturday, 24 May 2014

Way Off Plan By Alexa Land

This was an extremely unrealistic, naive and nerdtastic adaptation of a gay mafia romance. It also seems that being openly gay and in the Mafia, whatever ethnicity, is fine in this world that Alexa has created. I highly doubt the possibility but let's just add that to the list of unrealistic elements in this novel.

This story is also the epitome of insta-love. I don't think a month pass between meeting and HEA. Somehow it works for them though because I occasionally forget the time frame until a reminder is given, as I actually like these group of characters, especially Dmitri and Jamie. They are the perfect couple, sexual orientation aside. They don't have that heated sexual chemistry but have a more comfortable, camaraderie that transforms into the perfect relationship. Even their one and only fight was cute and more sweet than it was angry or sad. I just love them!

Jamie is hilarious and does a great job of narrating this story though his moral compass spun a lot throughout this novel and annoyed me at times. I loved when he was just the laid back unfashionable, nerdy, surfer guy than when he was trying to decipher Dmitri to rationalize their relationship. I think the ultimate sacrifice would have been to love him through his predilections but that's just me! In the end, the one who was presented as the feminine counterpart did the most masculine sacrifice. Then again, I guess he can be a stay at home dad now :)

Dmitri is the one I assumed would be the bad apple that walks in with the sexy smirks and have a group of guys that whimper when he gets mad but he was the complete opposite. Behind close doors he was extremely vulnerable and insecure. He had his vices that we had to learn from the lovely hurricane that is Catherine but finding out the real Dmitri through it all was enlightening because I find that I loved all facets of his personality. Too bad he's gay. I'd totally hit that! :)

The sex was ... this might sound bad to others but it was friendly. It's like they knew each other for years and were so comfortable that it came off almost practiced. It didn't have that raging passion and intensity of desperate, lustful lovers but then those aren't the emotions their relationship exudes.

I am no authority on criminal networks but this interpretation was too soft and nonchalant. I understand that these characters might not have been as inducted as others but them being on the edge was much lighter than expected. I keep thinking that they are gonna get themselves killed and I am actually surprised that none of them got shot or ended up in the hospital.

This is not your hardcore macho gay novel as these guys are openly gay, laid back and impatient in their love for each other. Everything is instant with them and they waste no time getting down to the core to get to their HEA. It's a really short time frame packed with some sex, guns, surf and a good time with friends and family.

It might not be the most convincing body of work but I think the characters won me over, I don't mind reading the next installment and despite it's faults I enjoyed this one.

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