Friday, 9 May 2014

When I Break By Kendall Ryan

It's not much to write home about. Knox is suppose to a sex addict and McKenna is trying to run her self ragged volunteering all over Chicago like she ain't got bills to pay. I like McKenna and Knox as individuals but they make for a very weird couple. I do appreciate their friendship though as I found it comfortable and easy going from it began. If anything has me stumped, it's her reaction at the end of this book and that it ended in a cliffhanger.

Knox's brothers were the highlight of this novel for me. The boys were straight forward and hilarious. They act their respective ages and I like that Jaxon is currently in that place where he's bound to get himself in trouble. Knox wasn't a hypocrite when it came to his brothers and their sexual adventures. My favorite line might be "I had no clue whose virginity Luke was planning to take and honestly I didn't really care as long as he wrapped it up." It was definitely something Knox would say.

He wasn't a perpetual tough guy and we occasionally got to see his softer side when in the presence of McKenna and the boys. Is he a sex addict? Quite possibly! But I think he wavers in that category because he does possess a high level of control with his "addiction" and the many struggles in his every day life. He's a guy, with a lot of responbilities, so naturally he messes up at times, but for the most part, he's a good friend, brother and whatever he has going on with McKenna.

I have nothing against the girl but McKenna needs to wake up and grow up. Her issues aren't really an issue and let's clear something up now ... she isn't a virgin. She just haven't had good sex and only attempted it once. Doesn't make you a virgin McKenna! She is way too innocent and this book eludes at BDSM but I can't see it from either of them. He's too controlled and sweet with her and she's like Mary's little lamb.

There is no actual penetration sex in this novel. It's a lot of fore and oral play but no one is getting their stick dipped. It's basically PG.

The conflict in this novel is getting over and addiction that Knox doesn't really have and McKenna finding redemption for something that isn't really her fault. I personally think she needs to get a real job and stop blaming herself for something that was so not her fault. Both major conflicts are almost unnecessary and I wish we could spend more time seeing these two as a couple raising the boys. It's make for a more interesting story because we aren't actually hearing what's going on in SAA, so what's the point?

This is a short, quick read and while not much happen in the way of a relationship or sex, it was a good book that you can read in one sitting to pass some time. It's heavily family based and it's not filled with your cliche girl looking for love. She is shy, timid and the definition of philanthropic.

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