Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A Song For Us By Teresa Mummert

I think I took too long to finish reading this novel and now I am paying for it. I have an array of emotions to accompany this novel, based on the chapters I got through each day. Therefore, by the end, I have no one set emotional evaluation of this novel. It just is.

The beginning was tentative. Nothing much happened but we got updates and reconnected with old characters. No offence Dorris :)

Before, I saw Eric's character as an angry douche, but I wasn't sure what to expect this go. I was thoroughly surprised to see that Eric through his and Sarah's eyes is a completely different man. Even Cass and Tucker seemed grown and more confident and secure than when we first met them.

Eric is more sensitive than you'd expect and his cynical words did not match his deep actions. I liked his character from beginning to end and I actually wish that he ended up with Donna. I like them together and I think they could have helped each other out of their funk.

Yes, after that last statement, you might find me crazy but I actually think that Derek and Sarah make a good couple. I think he really loves her, he's just as messed up in the head as the rest of them. It's just that no one bothered to talk to him and Sarah was unable to be the support he needed because she could barely hold herself up. If not for that major, appalling wrench thrown in at the climax of this novel, Derek could have become a better person and Donna could have enhanced not only 'Damaged' but the Eric we got to know in this installment.

Sarah annoyed me a lot throughout this novel. I will admit it now, I am bias. I like novels about the guys that are crazy but I resent when it's a female. Irrespective of what we like to think, men are the stronger sex physically, so to see a man vulnerable is welcomed. Women are always placed in a category of being weaklings, so I hate when one free falls into said category, especially through cutting. I hate that most of all.

I started reading this novel after clearly stating to myself that I didn't want to read a love triangle. The irony? Yes, I saw it too. This was a love square! However, I had hopes that maybe Sarah would stick with Derek and Eric and Donna would be the real outcome. Eventually though, I had to get over that dream and try to navigate the murky waters of tainted and unrequited love. Eric had to fight both literally and figuratively for this one. I hope she's worth it.

The resolution in this novel baffled me because all it took was showing up to start mending the problems that plagued and stunted these characters for most of their adult life. I liked the blast into their past because I was interested in the conversations between Eric and his dad. Those were some vulnerable moments.

Even though this was a rock and roll novel it gave us an aspect that we rarely see with this genre. They weren't touring and getting in trouble with groupies , they were on a break. It was good to see them in a different element, removed from the celebrity scene and it assisted in highlighting the struggles for artiste to acclimate back to every day life when the touring ends.

The twins were more interactive in this novel and I like the time spent with Terry and Chris. They are the life of the party! The camaraderie only got better with the return of Tucker as he helped create ways for Eric and Sarah's relationship to grow. Side note, if you haven't noticed, I refuse to call him 'E'. It's a letter and quite retarded of a nick name -_-

This can be a quick read if your in the mood and have the time. It's interesting enough to keep you engaged but get ready to be annoyed at some point with the back and forth between Donna, Eric, Sarah and Derek.

I liked Eric and Derek the most from this novel and their constant competition and deception kept this story interesting and moving more than the actual romance. Truthfully, I was over it when the final couple dynamics were revealed. I didn't hate the romance but I was more a fan of the road to the romance.

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