Sunday, 25 May 2014

Elect By Rachel Van Dyken

The mafia police has arrived and with him comes history, allegiance and most importantly ... redemption for all who seek it. Redemption is possible and it comes in the form of Luca Nicolassi. I don't know what to make of the man other than he is rather impulsive with a twisted sense of humor.

I have now even moved on to accept the Academy for the twisted mini country it provides. They rule and conquer through the walls of this school and they do it with such finesse that you fear them without even really knowing them. 'Elect' was much better than 'Elite' and brought more depth, personality and believable drama and guilt. I hurt for Chase and Nixon especially at Tracey's oblivious nature. She really is innocent and naive. This time, we get to know more about the characters, their feelings and natural responses and I like that the story was taken from Phoenix, Nixon and Chase's POV. I guess Tex is still the lackey.

Totally unexpected but Phoenix managed to shed a new light on himself. He is one of my crazies and I now wish I had spend more time getting to know him. The other big turn around for me was Nixon. Who is this selfless, hopeless, Shakespeare quoting romantic? He was the perfect man before everything else and exuded more than a cheesy, pierced guy in charge of a crime syndicate. He was fair, concise, smart, manipulative and a tad cliche but it worked in his favour.

The mind of Chase is a lovely place and I really do love this guy despite him continuously getting the short end of the stick. I understood him and sympathized with him the most and if not for the obvious route with Trace being Queen B and Nixon King to his stolen empire I could see Tracey and Chase as a couple.

As relationships go I have fallen into a comfortable role with them all. They have become more like a family of orphaned misfits and I once again ignore their age to focus on their wisdom and experience beyond their years. This novel was a lot more violent and calculated than the last and their personalities adjusted to the plot. I liked them more as next generation mafia as oppose to the ridiculously unrealistic catty college fights and grade school bullying.

Despite all the guns, deaths and threats this was still quite PG and still lacked that lust and steam needed between two people like Tracey and Nixon. I find that I liked Tracey more through Nixon and Chase's eyes but I especially loved Tracey in the eyes of Chase. She might be a terrible mafia princess but I see it growing on her and the cow references lessened!  She has adapted to the life wonderfully and I liked the B role she played in this installment. She played it well.

I got a better appreciation for this story and the characters and I was actually hooked to a few pages trying to see what the end will bring. I am satisfied but disappointed in the loss and realignments. At least I was right that Nixon seems to love being bad and that just made me love him even more! That scene with him threatening Chase in the car was real and one of my faves and I liked his conversations with Phoenix, however volatile.

The flashbacks to the past also helped to clarify the future and show all the guys in a different light. I wish we could have spent more time with Luca and Frank because old mafia is always funny and Sergio seems fulls of possibilities. The more I read is the more I wanted so it's safe to say this series is getting better with each installment.

Mil's character seems like the firecracker that this story needs to go forward and I can't wait to see her brand of crazy and what she has to carry to the table. I expect a shake up!

It still holds a touch of the Eagle Elite Academy but this novel was more mafia based as it right the wrongs and established the future. Alliances have been formed and an illusion of peace is presented but it was an interesting journey to that point and the love triangle only made it that more interesting. There was unrequited love and secrets that span years. It's more YA mafia but it was interesting and captivating at times.

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