Sunday, 4 May 2014

Breathe You In By Joya Ryan

Joya Ryan writes sweet novels. It's what she do. It's insta everything and the plots aren't that well developed. It's like she tries to skirt around the many conflicts that all her characters seem to have. This was no different. They aren't angst filled and take on a more simplistic approach, to the point of complete old school sappy romance novels, but always with a flair of betrayal and the requisite dark past. That's why they make for nice, breezy Sunday afternoon reads. Lucky for me, the breeze is crazy today and it so happens to be a Sunday :)

I think Amy and Roman were made for each other. They compliment each other well as a couple and I can't see them as anything else. With time and development, they could be a New York power couple, getting everything right down to a science. To be honest, I expected this story to end with marriage and a baby carriage. It's only fitting.

While they make the perfect couple, I know and connect with Amy because she narrates. A lot about Roman is still a mystery and I don't know when he decided to change his ways, but I just went with it cause it worked. He is open without actually being open. Confusing, I know. Unless they are having crazy passionate sex, the man keeps his distance and has mommy and trust issues all in one.

I've never read about a sitting Governor or any politician run for his current post, but there is something to say about election processes and I wish we had gotten that story also. I would have loved to see them tackle the press as a couple instead of separately. After all, they are the golden couple. Politics was made for Roman and Amy.

Amy was adorable and I respected her struggles at work and the faint competition with Silas. She has a weight on her conscience, that while I can't relate directly, I understand. Her issues don't make her personality and I love that she was the softer side that helped pull Roman from the dark. Despite her past, she wasn't tatted and pierced, looking for love in all the wrong places. She maintained her innocence and fought for her family while preserving her sister's memory. I also love the rapport she buit with Regina, because very rare in political novels we see a political family of this caliber.

By the end of this novel, I know and understand the characters but I am not head over heels crazy for the story or said characters. It was a simple book. Not that it's a bad thing but it doesn't give much for me to fawn over. It was cut and clear. The most interesting thing was Amy's parents and her visit. Their disdain and misconception was astonishing and had me sitting up to wonder if they really can be so callous. At least they aren't swayed by fame because the presence of the Governor made no difference to either of them.

I think both main characters have interesting back stories it's just that the delivery was too soft. I might not have gotten bored, but it didn't do such a good job of capturing and keeping my interest. I was more interested in the story when Warren burst on the scene with his diabolical ways or when Bill tried to make Amy feel like gum on his shoes bottom. Call me crazy but I think crazy is sometimes necessary to get and keep a spark in a story.

As I said in the beginning though, it's a Joya Ryan story, so it's soft in it's delivery and  I have yet to see a story from Joya Ryan that has the impact of 'Possess me Slowly'. Still, it was a fairly good novel with characters that you can love and relate to. However unconventional the Governor's private life may be, it's still a good read.

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