Monday, 19 May 2014

Tame Me By J. Kenner

Firstly, Jamie Archer has too many issues for it to be summed up in a novella, even if it is only part 1. There was no background or base to their relationship from our POV therefore, I  didn't believe their intense feelings for each other in the end, which then led to me being bored. I fell asleep 3 times reading this novella and one of those times was 1/2 hour after waking from a full night's sleep.

It's not that I don't think that they could make a good couple, it's just that I need to see it begin and develop, or at the very least, a flash back to where the feelings began. I am sure it wasn't from seeing Jamie semi-naked and masturbating on Damien's chaise. I understand lust and a good old roll in the hay but the deep feelings that followed seemed abrupt and unbelievable (Not in the good way). They could work as a couple but show it to me. A quick sex in LA and bet in Vegas does not a relationship make.

Jamie was confident and I love that. Damaged or confused, she knew what she wanted and she wasn't afraid to take it. Literally. I don't know who was getting tamed though because she never once put up a fight.

I'm sorry but I can't see Ryan as a dominant and it's not only because he works for another dominant alpha male but there were times when he felt like he was in control and Jamie was actually leading the whole scene. The illusion of him being a dominant is just that. An illusion.

We never met them but the mention of Jamie's parents had me wanting to meet the couple that was so in love that they disregard everything around them inclusive of their daughter. I also don't feel sorry for Jamie's logistics because regardless of her parents infatuation with each other she should know love and is the catalyst for all her insecurities. Your mad at the world because they take you at face value? How about you show them that there is more to Jamie Archer? If anything I am looking forward to is Jamie gaining some confidence in her own confidence.

Ryan is a male lead that was needed in a story. It's his story and the man still takes a back seat to everything. Sometimes I even forgot he was the one she was with. He doesn't do much for me in this installment as he was more a bodyguard than a lover.

Also, what's up with him tracking her every where she goes like a jealous boyfriend? I am not even gonna touch on the James Bond ending he starred. I just wanna know if Damien knows how company resources are being used o.O

Ryan is a nice guy but tell me more. He is too forgettable as he literally and figuratively fades into the background like an every present shadow. He plays security detail very well.

The sex was in a good time frame from amount to length. I was already falling asleep reading them so I can't imagine them any longer. I did enjoy the story outside of the sex and inner rants of Jamie and I think that watching them build a relationship and life in LA would be a good and interesting story as the base of this one left me bored and looking to give up on everything Stark related.

This novella had it's moments but they were few and far between. It seemed very chopped and summarized and not because it's a novella. You could literally feel and see the massive jumps especially in the end. I had to skip back a  page to find out what happened between she sinking the gas and him jumping out of helicopters.

I don't believe their level of connection right now, but I think with a better story line, focus and progression I could be persuaded to read the next copy. In the interim, I was left bored, uninspired and ecstatic for the the end of a 80 page novel. I swear it felt like 400!

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