Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lover Avenged By J.R. Ward

Well, this was a vast improvement! Maybe it's Wrath and Beth that I had been jonesing for so long, or the regrouping of the original brothers, but this story reminds me of the first and got my blood pumping in the same way. My attention was locked from beginning to end and I loved every moment of it.

I feel like this was the exact boost we needed after the last novel. I always loved Rehvenge. There was something about him. A vampire/sympath drug dealer surely makes for an interesting story!  While we technically didn't know Elhena before this, I love her character and wish we could have spent some more time with her and Rehv. Still, I loved the splits. Every POV of this novel was great, on point and carry it's own weight.

Rehv is great at what he does and Lash is right behind him. Honestly, Lash should just deal drugs and forget about the whole war with vampires thing. He is the perfect drug dealer, and if not for revenge and The Omega, he probably would and stay extremely successful at it.

It was great to go back to Beth and Wrath. To see them after years passed and how they are coping with their marriage, vampire royalty and Wrath's slipping eyesight. Once again, the realistic problems of life are knocking on the door of the vampires and their shellans. If not for the fangs, it could be a crime drama.

There is drama, struggle, love, fight, betrayal, lies and check it out ... a whole new colony of vampires! Sorry, but the sympaths are awesome! Unfortunately, they are a bunch of inbred psychos o.O
Regardless, they are superior! The princess was back, and I must say, there is something about the villains of this series. I love them all! They are just all so good. It's kind of sad that they all eventually die :(

The Lessening Society is definitely going in a different way and I love Mr. D's Texas drawl. I live for the moments between him and Lash. Bad guys, I know, but as I said before, this story and series is so good that you connect with all the characters.

John Matthew is on a bender, but I love him anyway and more intimate time with Xhex was just great. I love her even more. The conversations in this novel is more witty and sarcastic than before and even the beast got release! :D

It's like the ultimate comeback novel from a dry spell. We got a hint of everyone and spend a more time with the brotherhood since 'Dark Lover'. Lassiter was also still present and we got to meet Payne, as well as, spend some time with the Moohrs. This book was the ultimate package! It had the right vibes, notes and momentum. You love and respect all the scenes and characters. You get more updates than you even know what to do with. The only thing I would have loved, would have been more wit from the Scribe Virgin. She is fading and I really loved the edge she carried to the story.

This series is transitioning, not only for the characters, but for the readers. It keeps getting better and more dynamic. There are turns, curves, bumps and a whole lot of debris in the road way to the end and I love every minute of it. I sit and anticipate the next chapter, scene and lead characters. I don't know where I'm going, and I don't care. It's just good all around and I can't wait!

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