Saturday, 21 June 2014

All In By Alexa Land

I completely forgot that Alexa Land only writes ridiculously happy M/M romance that always bring a really HEA and every other cliche it can drag along to the end. Therefore, 'All In' is a replica of 'Way Off Plan' with Charlie in the role of Jamie, with a little more tolerance for the bad and Dante as Dmitri but with a whole lot more balls!

I like Dante, especially when he doesn't sound like an Al Pacino in 'The Godfather' rip off. He had the potential to be a really good Sicilian mob boss, if not for meeting Charlie but I still like them as a couple, even if Dante's decisions in the end leave much to be desired. What can I say, I like 'em bad!

Charlie is a nice character and was actually much more jovial than I expected. He did well in narrating the story and I loved his honesty, as well as, his vulnerable moments. However, it was his relationship with Christopher Robin (yes, like Winnie the Pooh) that stole it for me. At one point, I thought he'd do away with Dante or they'd become a threesome. Call me crazy but they make a great family.

I am assuming this novel was suppose to take on the BDSM role in this series but all I see is an angry Sicilian whose smirks make me wish he bat for my team! I'll give it the ropes and even the play room but there was nothing passionate or heated about the sex or the BDSM "scenes" in this novel.

I loved the playful banter between all the characters and I really wish Callie and Charlie had that lunch. I am glad that even characters that weren't necessary was written in to give us an update and help to keep us reminded of the members in this circle.

Peaches stole the show on the home front and Nana is just hilarious! I like that in between the romance of it all we found the time to be introduced to Christopher Robin (Yes, that's his first name) and to seamlessly welcome him into the circle, as well as, to get some of his back story and a few insights into the next character in the series.

It's safe to say that this story won't be winning any majors awards soon and I am sure there are people out there who down right hate it but someway, somehow at the end of reading the novels in this series, I always find myself willing, even if it's not right away, to read the next.

The story line is weak, the serious aspects are taken with too much levity and I don't fear not one of these characters so it would be nice if the other characters in the book didn't fear them either because they are really terrible at crime and intimidation.

It was cheesy, way too unrealistic and lacks the passion that should be present between Dante's need for control and Charlie's coming out. In other words, it's so bad it's funny but it's funny enough for me to want to read the next.

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