Friday, 20 June 2014

Pulse - Part Three By Deborah Bladon

If you have read Pulse 1 and 2 then you have read 3. I was not surprised by anything in this novella and I already guessed the end from the beginning. I find myself annoyed and unimpressed with Deborah's leading men and Nathan is no different. He is a douche and Drew is bitter. Jessica is so full of bad luck that she happens to find two of the worse men in Manhattan to mess around with. Also, what happened to Jake?

This novella, naturally, is a short one but I was actually interested in the story and it's direction until I got to the end that emulates all the ones before and that's with Nathan putting his feet in his mouth once again. How many times can your trust be broken before there is none left? That should probably be the blurb for this entire series and 99¢ or not, no one really wants to stop just when things hit the fan again, except for me of course because I am just over these two and want theirs to end so Deborah can start on her next novella series.

The thing with this story is not that I hate it; I actually like the fact that Jessica occasionally stands up for herself and that she takes what she wants without succumbing to Nathan's charms with a not so solid explanation. I have always felt that the women in 'Pulse' and 'Obsessed' deserved better men. Jax redeemed himself in 'More Obsessed' but Nathan just get's on my nerves especially with his weak explanations!

We continue to skim the personal elements in exchange for the deceit and sex. The sex isn't that marvelous but the sex talk and sometimes the conversation leading up to the sex are funny. Yes, funny. I think they have an easy banter and relationship that makes for a good fuck buddy but when it comes to tossing around the 'L' word, I don't believe it.

Rebecca is an odd character and I don't know what her issues are this go, while Bryce confuses me because I really don't see his need in this series and I am able to pick apart all these small things because while it is fast paced, chuck full of sex and confrontations, that's all it is. There is no personal element for me to connect with any of the characters and then it ends just as the next screw up arrives.

I think this is another basic Deborah Bladon story line that gets you interested and drops you in the end so I already expect most of what happens because there is a trend in all her novellas that don't get me excited any more. I will read them, because they are good but my excitement level isn't high because I already know the progression and ending and this isn't me being a cynical romance reader.

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