Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fearless By Rachel Van Dyken

If you hate overly romantic romance novels and you are unable to tolerate those overly happy couples who cry a lot and recite every romance Shakespeare ever written then this novella isn't for you. No matter that it's 100 pages.

I am one of those persons but I liked this novella because it was too short for me to find issues with how overly romantic they were and I really loved 'Ruin' and missed that magic that wasn't recreated in 'Toxic'. I finally understand that the feeling only comes with Wes and Kiersten's stories. Gabe and Saylor's story was a disappointment but with this novella restored my interest in this series.

Normally we get the rugged men or the rugged ones that transform into romantics but Wes is just a  natural born romantic that falls in no cliche but his own. I don't normally go for these types but there is something about Wes Michels that you can't help but love.

We continued to get the characters thoughts at the beginning of each chapter and I found some that actually made me stop and think. Wes is a poet and I am often times surprised as to his career field because it is really a clash with his personality. The man barfs rainbows and unicorns! Even Kiersten held her own especially when she started signing as Mrs. Michels. Guess it's done by osmosis :)

This installment basically gave you one of the most meaningful proposal and wedding while lining you up for what's to come in Lisa's novel 'Shame'.

Other than the most romantic and life altering events in the life of Wes and Kiersten and a few blast from Lisa's past, this was a short but sweet epilogue of sorts to 'Ruin'. While I understand the aim and the title, fear was on the back burner in this novella and the few times it was highlighted was in small doses for Kiersten and nightmares for Lisa.

It wasn't filled with many memories from 'Ruin'  I assume because of the depression that followed that installment but there were a few highlights of every one's current fears.

The sex is YA and not much to get excited about because this book is more about vintage romance novels as oppose to the erotica that plagues this generation of romance fiction.

It was short, sweet and memorable as we kept in touch with Wes and Kiersten as they try to conquer their fears together and move on to that next chapter of their life. It might be nauseating to some but they deserve it, After all, 'Ruin' was quite intense!

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