Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Fall By Sienna Lane & Amelia Rivers

I always joke about having a DNF list but I came really close this time. I wanted to give up after the first 5% but that was mostly because I have never read angels and demons before and the beginning didn't captivate me enough to wanna stay. Once again, my need to not have a DNF made me persevere. However, I literally had to force my way through to the end because this was cheesy, anticlimactic and felt more like a parody than a paranormal. The thing that surprised me also was that it had a lot of real religious elements that were manipulated in the most understated and uninspiring way.

This could have been an opportunity to learn about ancient religious prophecies regarding the Grigori and their offspring's the Nephilim, as they try to keep Addison a descendant of Enoch safe, while hoping to stop another Nephilim from releasing their fathers from Tartarus. Normally, I don't recall story lines because that's what blurbs are for but this one I think I had to for the rest of us who are not that religiously inclined and had to learn of this from a paranormal novel.

First of all, I thought this was going to be another vampire novel, so I had to recalibrate my expectations and I was even excited for a while to read my first angels and demons novel based off real historical events B.C. Imagine my disappointment :(

 The moment Archer and Addison met and start to keep company this story fizzles to YA romance. At one point, I wondered if we weren't going to bother with hell on earth. Literally. I think that if you are going to tackle a story of this caliber then the delivery has to be better than the equivalent of a teen movie. They were so modern to the point where it was unbelievable. I understand change but this was too much.

An example you say? ... here goes ... so this creature is suppose to be locked away for a millennia as pointed out by our "fierce" leader and somehow, his "spirit" has been floating around the atmosphere. Guess what his visual entertainment of choice was? ... Yup! You guessed it, 'Twilight'! Now c'mon ... is this a serious paranormal novel or just fun and laughs? I can't see not one but two authors agreeing on this point among others.

Addison is no virgin. All I want to ask her is why she was still a virgin because she could deep throat like no ones business and don't get me started on her constant need to lose said virginity after it being her BFF for more than 20 years. Still, separate her untimely love, instant training as an Eros and reaction to angel babies, I like Addison. She had fire, spunk and quite the personality to match her never ending stomach.

Archer is good at brooding and while I liked his character in the beginning, I am not a fan of him in love. I could spend this novel focused on the "fight" more than I could the romance. The fate of the world is in their hands and their busy fighting over guys who flirt with her in a bar -_-

All the other male characters had my interest, apart from Archer, unless he was stretching his powers. I would have loved to get to know them and their powers more intimately because this intrigued me more than the story line itself.

I expect angles and demons to have a fight that rival all others, but instead I was left bored and wanting it to end as it began. I keep putting "fight" in quotations because the big reveal and climax was very flat and I am assuming this story is all wrapped up based on their very HEA despite God's supposed dislike for this species. I haven't done more research to see if this particularly claim is true so I am gonna take this novel and Wikipedia's information at face value.

Also, the names, what's up with those? Lazarus and Archius? C'mon now! You can do better. The sex was also rather basic too. The man can probably bench press the Hulk and that's the best you can do? He even has telekinesis on his side! I don't know man, this novel just lacked inspiration, conviction and details. I am actually shocked that this was the effort of two authors because it was very unimaginative and uninspiring for a story that already had it's base in religious history.

Though I was able to get through this novel after almost 2 days it was a task. I was bored, unimpressed and all round annoyed that something that could and should be epic was so lackluster. Their powers and back stories alone could have made for an epic tale but all this reminded me of was a teen movie with a mix of the 'Supernatural' TV series.

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