Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Worth the Fight By Vi Keeland

First of all, I think this novel has the wrong title because it emulates the title of book 3. The focal point was forgiveness and the only fight that happened was the literal two that Nico dominated once he got over himself.  He literally needed forgiveness to be able to start moving on with his life and Elle is so independent I can't see her needing anything but she claims to have needed to vent. I say she was doing just fine and I still don't get her aversion to emotion, but I digress.

I like the characters separately and I like them as a couple. They felt real to me with their fights and make ups even if they both should have probably fought harder than they did for each other, as they seem to just go when it gets tough. Once again, in total contradiction with the title of the novel.

A problem I had was the sporadic crescendos that then flat lined into boring and unnecessary content only to peak again couple chapters down. Once the main issues were out on both sides we just lingered waiting for the next step. Not enough time was spent to help us appreciate the sentimental and meaningful moments in the story. There was more than one good climax in this novel but the events leading up to each occasionally bored me.

This story can lock you in because these two have a darkness that would impact anyone. What's interesting is how they each deal with the same problem, as well as, the fact that Elle was the stronger party.

I liked Elle's personality; Her honesty, reactions and actions helped the flow of the story, as she was strong and confident within herself and her relationship even when it was rocky. Though a little too easy, I like their make ups and even their break ups because it felt like a real couple even with their story land issues.

I got confused at times with the character that is Regina but I like the age gap and the adult presence herself and Preach provided. Regina and Preach were guides in both Elle and Nico's life and I like the element they added even when it wasn't the best decisions.

The MMA scenes are few and they get as far as is possible for a narrator who has no knowledge of the sport and while Elle never enters a courtroom before us, I still liked the time spent on their careers. I expected a completely different story line but I was satisfied even if I am not a fan of the shaky delivery.

The sex was pretty basic and the passionate moments felt rather sedate but I loved their easy integration into being a couple, as well as, their banters and the time they took knowing each other. This story didn't flow well but I was kept interested as it found it's footing in a few chapters.

William is certainly more chill and polite than any one else in this novel but I kind of hope to get a chance to know the guy behind the wall. He is too perfectly suburban!

Vinny's story is up next and while I didn't pay as much attention to the kid I will say that I am interested to see what he will bring to the table. The interactions in this novel were good enough for a main minor character to have a spin off.

I liked the characters and their world but I will admit that this story isn't free flowing and you will encounter a few omissions and over emphasized situations and chapters as you go. It needs some work but I think it might get better with each addition to the series. On the plus side ... No cliffhangers :)

- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18080889-worth-the-fight

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