Monday, 23 June 2014

Knowing Jack By Rachel Curtis

I didn't get to know Jack but I would want to and when Chloe wasn't annoying me she was annoying someone else. The ending of this novel proved two things; Chloe is either clueless or selfish and thoughtless and I really have a problem with letting go of series that I am not fond of. Some might say she has no control and it's her dream but she wasn't clawing her way to her dream couple months ago was she?

I wasn't a fan of this book in the beginning and I am still not a fan at the end but due to my OCD in finishing things I think i'll be grabbing a copy of the second novel to see what happens next. Yes, it's a cliffhanger and it's not the best and after struggling through this story I just wish it had ended here.

If we get to know Jack I think I could like him more. I liked his vulnerable points and it was a welcome change from the guy who owns it all or in the end has a ridiculous amount of luck on his side. Jack works hard for everything, except maybe Chloe and even though I don't feel or believe his deep moments, I could see myself liking the character if more time was spent to develop said character.

Chloe has her moments but I just couldn't agree or connect with her frequently. I won't blame it on the character though because I feel like the overall story lacked direction and conviction. At times she was strong, independent and I like when she got witty, but then there were moments were it felt like being in the mind of a 13 year old, even if she gets some of the every day reactions right.

The characters and their stories are pretty basic and the climax and "big reveal" was weak and left much to be desired. Then again, to the end I completely forgot the initial aim of this novel because I began to think the threat was non existent and I forgot the culprit the moment the reveal was over and honestly, I care not what happens to said "threat" next.

Passion, lust and overall sexual chemistry was lacking in this novel so the sex scenes were pretty vanilla and even corny at times. There was a whole lot of talking and Chloe spent more time on top leaving us without that raw, primal sex that you get when the men just take charge!

There were moments when it was more a guide than it was a novel and while I don't mind points I can use, it just once again bolstered the feeling of being in the mind of a horny teenager. I have no problem with her take charge attitude but playing the meek little lamb after isn't cute.

As a couple, I won't discount it being a possibility but it's just not there yet. Then again, all they do is have sex, so by the time it seems like we might be getting a relationship it ends with a mighty big wrench.

It was hard to read, navigate and empathize with this story or it's characters because they were lost and we followed. I couldn't connect or decipher the the story line or characters because nothing is clear and I am still trying to figure out the major turning points in this story other than Chloe sleeping with her professor. I don't know what I expected but this wasn't it.

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