Monday, 2 June 2014

Pulse By Deborah Bladon

Confidence and control? Sexy! Maybe it's me but I love those traits in a woman. Even when our world is crumbling we keep it in and cry in the privacy of our bedroom then move on to the next available guy. This description covers Jessica. She is in control of her life and even when she stumbles she does her best to not fall.

Half way through this novel I figured out the conflict. It's another cliche but I like it, because even though I had my suspicions, I wasn't sure until it was confirmed. I am now on pin and needles wanting to read book two before I even pen this review. I don't know how I am gonna survive the wait to book 3 and it's safe to say what I will be reading next because I NEED to know what happens next. I am all jittery like I just drank a dozen cups of black coffee.

As per usual Ms. Bladon only writes novellas but I love the start of this series. It's more playful than I suspected and even though we don't get enough time, conversation or personal scenes to transition through the different levels of both main characters, as a couple and individually, I was still entranced and entertained for however brief and believe me, it is brief. I read this entire novella in probably an hour tops and this is with breaks.

You don't get much on the characters background due to the length and ties but what you do get is substantial. I already like Nathan but that last stint has me believing that Jess deserves better. I like the airy, innocent quality about her character and the gridiron control she has on herself even when she is hung up on a guy that she knows nothing about.

Nathan, as mysterious as he is, was a great complement to Jess's character until I realize his link at the end and boy are they in the most precarious of positions! The sex was not very passionate or hot but it was wild and filled with the urgency, angst and energy of two random strangers having casual sex. I could see them growing as a couple but at this point they are very impersonal in their interactions with each other.

Nathan is the definition of alpha male, territorial and untrustworthy. He is a devious man and I see no excuse especially with his predilections to Jess dating other men. The man needs a reality check ASAP.

I suspect this novel is an introduction so it barely skims the necessary but I am engaged, interested and invested to see the end. Unfortunately, that means the other two novels need to be exceptional as Ms. Bladon has a habit of starting us off with trilogies. There is many a way this breeze could blow and I don't want a quick patch.

Light and skimming the surface this was a good, quick read with a solid cast of characters and the right level of fun and entertainment. Nathan barely redeems himself from chapter 1 but Jess is steady all the way and with Rebecca, Bryce and Cassandra in the picture I hope it only gets better!

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