Saturday, 7 June 2014

Still Obsessed By Deborah Bladon

The gangs all back and guess what? ... They haven't changed a bit. Mark is still breaking the law, which unfortunately catches up to him this time; Liz is still shunning Brighton and getting in trouble with Mark; Jax is still a douche and Ivy is constantly floating between the Ivy of book 1 and 3. At least Nathan seemed to have moved on but that's not really confirmed.

I'm the first to say that I don't really hate this series but I hate how it progresses and the endings are usually crap. Each installment always feel unfinished and usually are. This time however, we get an epilogue that did NOTHING for us as readers and a following page to notify us that there will be more, in the format of a special holiday release but here comes to the catch ... you have to subscribe to Deborah Bladon's mailing list.! I would have subscribed anyways, because there is a few novellas that pique my interest but don't force me with a promise of more, from a story that I am interested in.

The issues of this novel are tantamount but they are fleeting as we spend the time with Jax and Ivy having sex to answer every problem that arise. The one time they didn't, I actually liked it because Jax was drunk and saying things that can get him stabbed and Ivy finally put him in his place in the morning, after vomiting out her weak guts in the night.

A lot of major plot changes were thrown in so give thanks that we weren't on a merry go round but not enough depth was given due to the length. I once again believe that at least a 200 page novel is needed to fully tell Jax and Ivy's story and help them through a 1/4 of their issues.

I like that Jax was still a snake and often times resentful because it made this story real. I therefore hate that when we got down to the major changes in their lives we weren't given the opportunity to celebrate and share with them. We didn't even get to meet Jackson :(

I'm glad we spent some time with Mrs. Adams and I am sorry that we never got to have a talk with Mark. Irrespective of this novella being just as brief and fleeting as the others before, there were a lot of changes and issues that covered each chapter as we went. I found myself liking Jax more and coming to grips with them as a couple. Some things fell in place while so much more was left unsaid and unresolved. In the end, I could still do with a good lengthy novel on these two but as is this was a good update installation and I subscribed for the holidays edition because I mostly wanna meet Jackson and see what trouble Jax is currently getting into.

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