Sunday, 1 June 2014

TAINT By S.L. Jennings

Some might say that they don't think this story is a 5 but that's fine. The overall content is a 4 but the details in this novel warranted a 5 for me. There were little items used to help us connect more with the story, like the New York Times article and even the delete button. The epilogue was creative, concise and satisfactory for me. It wasn't rushed and it maintained it's realistic and steady approach, much like the progression in the rest of the novel. It was a clean from beginning to end.

This isn't a story, it's a sexual guide to please your man while helping you to find the things that get you going. At the end of this course, you can probably have satisfactory sex with yourself! Behind all this though, there was a tame but memorable and meaningful romance story.

With each chapter, we learned something new as there was literally a lesson per chapter. Lessons that I plan to take advantage of the next time the opportunity arise ;)

I liked getting to know Justice, Ally and the other housewives, as well as, their back stories. Justice Drake' s lesson plan was definitely hands on and nothing was spared. If you are prude, then this one isn't for you. There is live sex and in depth masturbation scenes.

Lesson plan and sexual depravity aside, I love Justice. It's not just because he's the narrator either, it was his approach, control, mystery and reactions. His thoughts were real with a mix of fairy tale and dreams when necessary. He was honest and I like his inner monologues, even when they weren't focused on Allison, as well as the fact that he didn't drift far from his initial personality. He didn't feel the need to take a celibacy vow with the introduction of Ally and I like that. Yes, the gruff Mr. Drake from chapter 1 was more mellow in the company of Ally but I love that we got those soft moments because the alpha male role is taken in so many stories now that I like the change he provided.

The references were every day tabloids, people and shows that we follow so I was able to relate. From Guliana Rancic to TMZ made me believe the tabloid scenes more and I also like that they weren't over done. The right amount of coverage, information and layout was present. The TMZ article at the end was formatted to reflect their usual articles of this topic that I almost believe it was real. The Usain Bolt reference wasn't lost on me either nor was the age old adage of Iron Man vs Barman. It's like this book was made for me :D

The sex was more passionate instead of the lust filled, crazy, instant hook ups we get of late. There was no BDSM, just some good old sexing filled with passion, understanding, finesse and experience. I don't know the research placed in this novel but it was a great sexual guide to bedroom confidence and the gossip scene was believable.

The novel is taken from Justice's POV so I connected more with him than I did with Ally. I enjoyed being in his company from beginning to end as I fell in love with the sexy outcast who knows his bedroom business and comes fully equipped with a team that's not afraid of a whole lot of PDA.

There will be elements that others don't like but I find that I eventually liked the heavily based 'Friends' scenarios and the real Justice under the facade of anonymity and crude comments. The soap opera moments were questionable but the main character and story development was good enough that I can dismiss the flaws.

Every element came together to knock this one out of the park! Even though it's over, I really hope we get a novella on Justice and Ally after Coachella, because I'm not ready to let them go just yet.

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