Friday, 20 June 2014

Better When He's Bad By Jay Crownover

So, to answer that question that most of you want to know, is he better when he's bad? I don't know. The man is only about the bad so it requires good to distinguish the bad and he taints everything, but it works. I wouldn't trade Bax for Shane any day and his relationship with Dovie, however chaotic and fast, is the perfect pairing.

Bax is a criminal and his ties to The Point is so many that I can't see him leaving, even in a hearse. One thing the man knows how to do is bad and he does it well. He was straight forward, honest and can get quite the reaction when he chooses to use words instead of grunts. He's not hard to understand and I like that. He is what he is and he isn't looking to change it. It's never complicated with him and it's more about what your moral compass is asking you to do.

Dovie is the contradiction. I am not a fan of her name but it fits her also. She is kinda like a dove because she is soft on the outside but a riot on the inside. I love her loyalty and the fact that she doesn't need to rationalize her feelings for Bax. She knows him and what she signed up for and that only works perfectly for them as a couple. I'm even a fan of her style because I at times like to just kick back in some jeans and a hoodie. Tight clothes are hot :)

I don't know the amount of time spent between the conception and publishing of this story but I felt like the work invested showed and it allowed us to individualize each character and their roles. Long before I had any contact with Race, I felt like I used to run the streets with him and Bax and making all the connections didn't happen for me until the moments they were revealed. A few of the questions popped in my head occasionally but something is always happening that makes me forget my initial thoughts until they are answered further along. Believe me when I say there is never a dull moment in The Point and every single thing and person is connected. One such character that piqued my interest and I hope he gets a novel is Nassier; There is something about the Middle East "entrepreneur" that I want to unravel ;)

Another thing I adored about this novel is that it's more than just Bax and Dovie's story. It's a little bit of every body. Everyone's story is told and their parts are clear, concise and pertinent to the progression. There is no character just filling a space and I love that the petty women squabbles were nil. There wasn't time for the usual romance novel issues between all the lies and work needed on the jumbo puzzle that was their life plus I don't think Bax would have it :)

I felt like I was in The Point and I could see myself watching this novel on the big screen.

Though you would expect it to be fast paced and action packed with it's themes, it was actually calculated and held a comfortable and steady pace which I didn't mind. I love that we got time to work through the issues and there was no last minute save or fairy tale. A lot of the ending was hinted but I got the gist. The fact that this series continues is only a bonus and I hope that it might answer even more questions.

The sex in this novel is what I expected from Bax and actually what I prefer in a man. Let's skip all the talk and get to it already. I was never one for the theatrics.

I can safely say that I think this is the first novel I have enjoyed this immensely from Jay Crownover since 'Rule' and even this knocked that out of the water! To see her change her style and writing is welcomed and I love that she gave us so much without making it cluttered, cliched or overwhelming. There wasn't any ideas of a HEA and everything felt real. The druggie remained the druggie, the kingpin cared about no one but himself and even the good cop got dirty when necessary. There is so many other characters that kept their identities and fate all the way to the end and I love that it felt more like a romance themed mission in 'Grand Theft Auto'.

There is so much I want to say about this novel but i'll just stick with ... read it! It's not a sappy romance, people will die and I don't think there isn't a day that Bax doesn't get a knife wound or hit in the face but every one gets a piece of the pie and no one is looking for a silver lining, just trying to make it to the next day.

It wasn't all out gritty but it wasn't soft either as it balanced that line between raw, real and fluff. Every one is looking out for themselves and it makes for an even more interesting story line. The fact that no one, not even her best friend, thinks the heroine is drop dead gorgeous is another testament to the difference this novel brings.

It's quite the ride and you don't even have to hold on tight but believe me when I say you aren't gonna wanna leave The Point!

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