Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pulse - Part Two By Deborah Bladon

Here we go again! If it's one thing I can count on with a novel by Deborah Bladon is to have a disconnected alpha male hero and a cliffhanger that has you wanting the next book without being 100% invested in the last story.

I don't know where we are going or the point to this all, if it's to show that it's a bad idea to start serious relationships with people we meet in clubs, or that those same people can be conniving liars. Nathan forever looks like a philandering douche and I am also starting to wonder if Jessica is as strong minded as I originally thought. When the blurb said their past would be interrupting their future I never expected their couple weeks ago past. I was actually looking for something along the lines of before they met. They have yet to even sort out their present and put a stamp on what it is or will be going.

If Ms. Bladon is planning to create a relationship with Nathan and Jessica then I suggest she starts painting a better picture with volume 3 because right now it isn't looking so good on him.

Even though I expected it, I am still over the short story, cliffhanger endings. Other than an unexpected visitor with quite the wrench, I got nothing than I didn't already know, which once again begs the question of where is this story going?

Unfortunately, I am now even more cemented in my previous thought that Jess can do better! This is too much work for the beginning of any relationship and what's up with the M.I.A when in Boston? Do you not own a phone? Does Boston not own a cell tower? I wouldn't be surprised if this man was married with the 2.0 picket fence and a mini van. I just don't trust him and the readers and Jess don't know him either.

Maybe it's on purpose but Deborah has the worse male heroes. They are always sly, untrustworthy, neck deep in secrets and so intense that you can finish the series without knowing them personally. I know Nathan because he is the lead male, anything else is loss to me. We are now through two volumes and I still only know the same amount of information from book 1.

Growth is slow in this series and it's the same back and forth with a little of Jessica's past in the mix. I see where there is currently plans for 4 books and while I have no problem with novellas I still need something more as I go.

On the bright side, I like the scene transitions. It might get a little confusing and throw you off at times but I actually liked the pace and that we didn't have time to pick over every single detail. We don't know where we would land with the next chapter and I liked that unknown. The down side is that the content seemed like those missing snippets from volume 1 :(

It's such a quick read that you aren't even able to bask in the accomplishments of the characters, namely Jessica. She had one break down in this novel that I am sure is necessary but for me it was cheesy because I really don't know these people that well -_-

This content was good enough for volume 1 but now I need some depth so I can cry along and understand their struggles. The frequent sex scenes have become robotic and chore like in their delivery. It was never crazily lustful but now it's even more of a space filler.

I won' say I didn't enjoy my time spent with Nathan, Jessica and even Rebecca but I see this book falling into a pattern and I hope the wait to June 17th won't be in vain. I barely know or connected with these characters personally and I would love the opportunity without all the drama.


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