Thursday, 19 June 2014

Worth the Chance By Vi Keeland

Regardless of the fact that I began reading 'Worth the Chance' right after 'Worth the fight', I had no problem transferring from 13 year old Vinny to 25 year old Vince, because both have spunk that I like and this time there was an equal amount of POV between both main characters.

Vinny was definitely direct and fearless especially when mad and that was often. He came off as ungrateful at times in his relationship with Nico but the respect and value of both Nico and Elle's trust and relationships were present. He wasn't in a state of obligation and I even liked him as a 17 year old  because he kept the same persona and was always confident in his moves; It was definitely not the 13 year old Vinny who made shirts for Elle.

Olivia was another honest character when it came to her beliefs and I love the passion and pride she placed in her work. I liked her reactions and reservations, as well as, the fact that she thought through her actions. Their relationship is perfect for them but the level of conflict in this novel didn't match it's importance. After reading the first chapter in 'Worth Forgiving', I think that maybe that drama will be released using Jax's character, though I really wish he'd stick to banking.

Knowing what to expect this time made this novel easier to navigate and while I saw all the twist coming a mile away, this installment actually lived up to it's title because every one got a chance at something, even Elle and Nico but I'll save that tidbit for when you read :)

The sex was alright but not what I expected from Vinny based on his talk of agression and depravation in the bedroom. The boy's not bad but he's pretty basic too or maybe it's Olivia. I don't know.

It was good to be in touch with characters we were fond of from book 1, Preach included and even the Lake house made another appearance. Still, this story was so smooth that I occasionally forgot that there was an upcoming fight and secrets that date all the way back to 25 years ago. It's a mellow story with not much conflict or fight unless we get in the cage which once again amounts to only two times.

Also, the fights continue to be taken from the female's POV, as well as, so many other elements that left me feeling like we were re-enacting Elle and Nico's story but with a different set of characters. The MMA fights in this series are also sorely unfair, because if the fighter's don't have problems, they tend to end the fights in round one and even then it's tentative as to a round three.

I don't know when they fell in love but they are a comfortable couple and the fact that they knew each other from high school might have helped, especially with the fact that because they already knew each other, we didn't get the basic background on them. Olivia is suppose to have the perfect little family with no deep dark secrets but I never even hear her speak to a parent once. Where are they? o.O

Where the story line is concerned, there was plenty of potential for an angst filled, drama themed romance between the sweetest, most understanding girl and the course, brutally honest MMA fighter. As I have come to figure out with this series though, it takes the easy road so we got the mellow ride instead. It's by no means a bad story or even delivery but I just felt like so much more could have happened and been highlighted.

My problem with this series is that we never get the full disclosure or time to work out the issues until the last 5% of the novel and then we are given an epilogue that spans months or years, this time six months, only for it to abruptly end and ask us to wait for the next.

I guess until next time folks!

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