Thursday, 12 June 2014

Dazed By Kim Karr

What can I say? I don't really see the point of this story and I don't know what exactly we were suppose to take away. The insecurities, characters and the whole story line was rather basic. At 60% I remembered that we really haven't had "the big blow up" yet and so I was waiting to see what the conflict would be, if any and when it came it didn't blow me away and lasted exactly 24 hours if even so much. Then I don't even know what to say about the ending because it was abrupt, incomplete and inconclusive on a lot of issues. It felt more like a well written and edited draft waiting for that wow factor.

At first I was annoyed with the constant need to describe every one's wardrobe but eventually I got into it and actually liked mixing and matching with Aerie. Jagger on the other hand needs some clothes and shoes. The man is hot with a capital 'H' when dressed right but you use to be a model sir, your closet has got to be better than that of a college freshman. The fact that your mom works for Herm├Ęs and your dad, Tom Ford, doesn't help your case either. You were born of high fashion!

I got a different Dahlia and River this time and though their cameos were brief I liked the time spent with them. It was good to get an update without overpowering the story and speaking of overpowering, I thought too much time was spent in the mind of Aerie Daniels, than time spent having real, interesting and valuable conversations. Nothing dynamic or amazing happened except for the colour of Jagger's laces, his car and wealth of random knowledge.

Irrespective of the lag in conversations and an epic story line I liked the characters of Aerie and Jagger. Aerie is on the edge of crazy and I wish we focused on that more than we did her "rebound" issues. Every one is someone's rebound so I hardly find that a conflict or something to create much fan fare about.

I liked that Jagger knew random tidbits because I am always up for learning new things and that seems to be a given when around Jagger. If only he'd pick up a fashion encyclopedia -_-

The sex was also regular but it had it's passionate moments and I like that they just got to the deed, especially because the story line didn't lend to extra long sex scenes.

The 'Connections' series is normally filled with good music and this was no different but unfortunately, we just got a playlist and the music wasn't as tied in to the story line as previous novels. I can still remember Dahlia watching Ben die will the radio blasted 'It's not my time' By 3 Doors Down. Now that's an impact!

It's loosely based around Jagger auditioning for the role of Aerie's dead uncle who was a musician in the best age of rock with the likes of Led Zeppelin but this was by no means a music filled rock and roll novel and Aerie was too easy to convert. Jagger hardly worked for it if at all. I just like that she wasn't behaving possessed when it came to sex. I hate the screamers -_-

There are some relationships in series that don't need highlighting and if we are sticking with this story line then this was one. I think with all the history and connections, this could have been a good one but it fell flat without much for you to get excited about.

We are moving from fake deaths, cheating, years of yearning and songs that tie in traumatic experiences to wine tasting and a ridiculous amount of 'Alice in Wonderland' references. I don't know, I just wasn't gripped. If not for wanting to read 'Mended', I could have done without reading this and the preview of the beginning of 'Mended' didn't hold much for me either but I am a fan of the series and I always had a secret crush on broody Xander so let's see what happens next!

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