Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Unbreakable By Abby Reynolds

First of all, I don't get the title of the series because I can't remember a vast amount of 'Forehead Kisses' but I digress, because what I can remember is that I liked this novel and can't wait to see what or who book two will bring.

This novel was recommended to me and after reading the blurb it reminded me of the book I was currently reading, 'Connected' by A.E. Murphy, so I was ready to go because I was riding the high from 'Connected'.

I liked Keira's version of crazy because anyone who reads my reviews know I love the damaged ones as long as they don't get too crazy with it. Keira was more than shy and timid but beneath that outward, awkward appearance she was the most relaxed and genuine girl, who processed things completely different than most and I like that it wasn't instant lust for her. Trust wasn't blindly given by the girl who was riddled with trauma, it was a process and we got to experience it as Liam coaxed her out of her shell with good intuition and careful observance. Their major fight seemed even unnecessary to me because these two are solid!

Where Liam is concerned he was ever the gentleman and I think he was perfectly matched for Keira without being too perfect. He had his edges and his regular human reactions when things got tough. It was a journey to the end and I think he was the best guide.

Speaking of endings, I felt that this one was too ... how do I say this? ... abrupt? It wasn't bad and it could be classified as not being a cliffhanger but I am currently unable to find anything about book 2 and I would like to know if we will be revisiting Keira and Liam or are we moving on to another character? In other words, it's not a full closure.

That was also another thing I liked, that plagues most college-themed romances, there wasn't the group hook ups where every one had a partner or a potential partner waiting on the next installment. She was almost the only girl just hanging with a group of guys who I think are solid where friends are concerned. They had your back but they had no problem giving you the right amount of space.

The main conflict of this novel wasn't really a conflict to me and even though I understand her reservations based on her past I think she blew it way out of proportion and wasted the precious last 5% of this story. I kept willing my kindle to give me a few more percent because quite frankly I wanted to spend more time with them even when Liam became a complete crying mess and Keira was making a stand.

I found that the things I like, are the ones I was also on the fence about, like the fact that there isn't really a build up to a massive explosion but I like that because it held a more vulnerable note of healing. There was also mention of girlfriends and alcohol abuse at the beginning of this novel but I never saw one female friend and other than shot of vodka and a couple beers, she seemed normal in both departments.

Only Scotty kept her company but he wasn't bad company either as there seems to be an abundance of sarcasm and wit in this novel and every one possessed it, even Adrianna, though she was a raving lunatic if you ask me.

Still, don't expect dark and twisted with angst at every corner. This is the healing side to abuse as it displays the climb back to living without fear at every turn. Liam is gentle and coaxing while Keira is hurting, awkward and fun if given a few beers.

There were grammatical errors and the sex was done in small amounts and only really showcased the significance of the act but I loved the friendship and the time spent to build said friendship. It was still intimate and deep as it went below the surface to make us understand and appreciate Keira and Liam and the fight to their HEA.

I was obviously not bored because I read this in about 5 hours only stopping to leave from work to home. I can't wait to see what book 2 holds and I am glad I got to read this because Liam makes living look so easy!


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