Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lover Unbound By J.R. Ward

This series, is like a really good TV series in it's prime, and I am only 5 books in! When I think that this series will start getting repetitive, and there will not be enough content or events to shock us, we go and find out about V's mother and father. Believe me, you wanna read to find out this one!

Now, I have always loved V. I secretly hoped that he would get with Butch, if not a a menage with Butch and Marissa. I still hold hope, even though I do love Jane and know the rules of a bonded male. Which brings us to her and her untimely fate that brought and even more interesting story line and supernatural being. I swear these vamps could use a good week on Maury. The genetics of this novel are unbelievable. Literally!

I have never really given Phury more than a passing nod, but I am still hopelessly in love with Z, so I will take any time I can get with the other twin. After all, he is the noblest of them all, even when he is playing Saw II ;) I might not open up fully to his character yet, but I see the potential.

I sort of miss the other original characters. I would love some Beth time. I feel like as we go, she fades. Wrath is also doing beautifully as King, but I also miss him on the battlefield. The story is starting to feel a little formal. It's really organized. I love the initial chaos and shock. It's one thing to open your mind to a world, but quite another for it to be so easily accepted.

The upcoming characters seem to have no problem with  anomalies. I know the 'welcome to my world' story line is played, but I don't wanna lose that realistic vibe we get from this story. You never really see it as a supernatural, but with Jane's fate, I don't know what will become of it now.

Learning the history of V was great. I didn't get the scared vibe I got from every one else, so it was kind of hard to picture V cold blooded. I love V. He's my big little teddy so I don't know what every one is going on about! o.O

Jane is an interestingly strong female. I also feel for her. She did not end this story with the best POV, but I guess that adds to the quality of this series. It will never totally be rainbow and butterflies. Every thing comes at a price, even happiness.

I did want a few more of V's sex scenes, and the Lessers were abnormally quiet in this installment. Then again, with so much going on and the killing of Mr. X, they might need the vacay. Not that they were completely MIA, as I could do without the last Lesser we came in contact with, but I got use to their smart mouths and unplanned evil night strolls.

We also got our regular updates on John and I am jonesing for the return of Tohr. Some steam between John and Xhex is also rather appealing. God I love this series! I can't wait to get to the next one :D

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