Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lovely Vicious By Sara Wolf

This where we queue the crickets o.O

I am confused as to that ending. Where are going and why? Only him though Sarah? Even Avery and no Jack? I don't know what this will do for the story line, but the necessity and direction has thrown me for a loop and I really want to get back on track. I so need to track down a release date after this :S

The title, the cover, the synopsis. I must say I expected a dark tale. Not BDSM dark, but maybe a little light darkness o.O

Maybe it's the sarcasm, semi-high school setting or icy indifference throughout that confused my expectations with my acceptance of this novel. Not that it was fruity, but it was ... let's say complicated. There is a lot to traverse where all the characters are concerned, except for maybe Kayla and Isis mom. The others are quite the enigma. I even love knife guy. Creepy, but cool ;)

Irrespective of what I expected, I still embraced this story, because the person who recommended it has yet to disappoint when she  sends a recommendation my way. (Big ups xx Therefore, I was a little surprised by the levity of it all, because she usually send me books that play with my mind. Still, I carried on, until the end where I go that mind game I expected! Not that this book needed any help to get out a gutter, but the ending surely made it a little more interesting enough for you to lay in wait for the follow up.

Isis and Jack hate each other. Anything else they try to tell me and I won't believe. I love their bickering and the way they keep each other, as well as, the readers on their toes. This is a high school based novel, but wipe that from your mind, because these kids are grown! Minus Isis constant juvenile tendencies, their language, dress, adult interaction, even their after school jobs, scream college-aged or adults. I know no 17 year old like this set.

Both lead characters has issues and we have barely scraped the top by the end of this novel. I am getting tired of some of these three part books. If your gonna do that, use new characters, but stop stretching out the story lines. I don't see how we went through this entire book with basic knowledge and then it's like we gonna have a clean slate come next installment. I don't wanna explore their relationship anew again, I just want to make some progress. Actually, I don't even feel that relationship vibe from them per say, but they make good companions and know how to work a story!

I love Isis, even when I want to strangle her to shut up. I love how she approaches everything and her reasoning and actions are admirable, even when she is being a potty mouthed wench. You got to give the girl credit, she works everything thrown her way, with finesse and precision. I can count on her and Jack to say what we can't.

Even in his cold state, I also love Jack. He adds character and class. He also takes us on a wild ride without seat belts and I only wish we got his POV more and with a little of his side job in the mix. I guess this novel is trying to keep it YA friendly, but with the hinted issues in this book, a line will be crossed.

Secrets, lies, friendships, respect and a whole slew of issues and emotions are present in this novel. Don't expect fluffy high school drama, but not dark seedy romance either. At times I even think this book to be a paranormal. Right now, I am not sure of much, expect that  I need to get my hands on the next book, because I have a million questions!

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