Friday, 29 November 2013

Lover Enshrined By J.R. Ward

See, this is my problem with this novel. I was not a big Phury fan. I don't hate the brother, but he's not one I gave much thought to before now. I didn't even know the guy was this unstable until 'Lover Unbound'. Playing 'Saw' to release some stress is one thing, but talking to voices in your head, that lead you to try to kill yourself repeatedly is a next.

I loved and I hated this story. In the beginning, I thought of switching to another book, or taking a break in the series after this one. Phury and Cormia were really boring to me. However, he stayed occasionally uninteresting and she grew. I loved her defiant moments! It gave her character, personality and spark! The last character we got this from was Jane. I love a powerful female in a land where men are revered. Because she is a Chosen, those Cormia moments made me ecstatic!

Even though it was suppose to be Phury and Cormia's story, I found myself more focused on the other aspects and characters within the story. It's always good to see the Scribe Virgin, so I am kind of bum that she didn't show until the end. As usual, she brings a feisty scene and Phury grew a pair. Safe to say though, Zsadist still holds his place as the twin I love the most. (No offence Phury)

This series is slowly moving away from the main members of 'The Brotherhood'. We're meeting gods, sympaths and so much more supernatural creatures. Even though the were small moments, I love Lassiter and hope for some more time with him. As the brotherhood spice fades, we get those of other characters. We are also breaking that sexual barrier and I can't wait to get both Qhuinn and Blay's book!

Now John Matthew. Hmmm ... He is getting so grown! Cussing and suggesting! I find it hard to believe this is the same tiny guy from 'Lover Eternal'. The mute who changed it all. I have always loved his character and channel every one of his emotions. This was a hard hit emotional novel for him. With the amount of scenes and emotion transferred, I would have sworn that his book would be next. Once again though, I don't mind. I love the momentum and build up to his character. Xhex is also on my good list now, so I can't wait for it to all go down!

I feel like 'The Brotherhood' let me down in this novel. Even if I am not the biggest fan of Phury, he is the one with the biggest hero complex, that has kept this team together numerous times! While they made up for it in the literal end, I still feel that they failed as friends, brothers and family. Especially as warriors. Their friend was down, and instead of sticking to that code that they pledged in their 'man cave', they gave up on him and judge him.

Therefore, I was disappointed and couldn't find it in myself to care much for the brotherhood this go. In fact, I felt disconnected. Maybe it's because of Phury's POV, but the outside vampire world was more appealing than the judgmental smoke of the brotherhood mansion.

Now Lash, this kid is something else. I look forward to a lot from this character. I don't know how much havoc he will reap, but he has turned the story into another direction that is open for so much. I can't wait to see where this take us. The presence of the Omega is stronger than before so I say anything is possible!

With all the drama and happenings of this novel, there is one major good. Tohr is back! :D Yup! That's my little spoiler nugget for you! He is back. I don't know how his recovery will go, but a beloved from the first book is back and I am now amped to dive back into this series :)

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