Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Scorched By Melody Anne

I'll be honest with you, I was bored most of the time. I don't believe the necessary things were expounded upon enough and the ending was so sweet it made my teeth hurt. I have no problem with sweet endings, but not unrealistic, rushed and way off course ones. I like build up and momentum. Also, if your gonna add a couple fight/gun scenes, then commit and knock it out the park. When did annoying Lia get such good aim and range anyway?

I believe Rafe and Ari's story should have ended at 'Submit', then the other two books dedicated to Lia and.or Rachel. All this mix eventually became confusing and uninspiring. I loved Rafe and Ari and believe they had a good thing going. Their involvement and focus within the last two novels was unnecessary. Their story finished two books ago, and their wedding could have been done in a novella. I felt like scraps were being used to complete a series and I hated that feeling.

There were some few saucy, intense, emotional and funny moments, but not much in the way of suspense or surprise. Then again, Lia killed someone, so maybe there was some shock -_-

Speaking of Lia, she annoyed me. Actually, all of them annoyed me. Except for maybe Rafe. He was who he was and at times I even missed the cold, calculating character from book 1. It's like he wanted to start pissing flowers. Totally neutered if you ask me :(

I found myself frequently asking what was the point of this novel. Once again, Shane and Lia's relationship didn't get the light and time it deserved, Rafe and Ari got too much and Rachel and Adriane were just plain annoying. I wanted more Shane moments, by himself, and more of Rafe being ... well, Rafe. As for the King, I have yet to warm to his character, nor do I understand his personality, motives or decisions. The man comes from a loving home, and knows not of hardship or struggles financially or emotionally. If that be the case, we were never told, so what's up with the unrequited emotional whiplash? Rachel is annoying, but even she deserves love.

While this might seem like a rant, I assure you it is not. I loved this series and has always tried to get a copy, as soon as it is released, so I can continue with these characters. However, I believe the direction, delivery and purpose of this novel was lost. Well written, with little to no grammatical or editing errors, but as a story, it didn't capture my attention. I kept falling asleep, literally!

Filled with potential, but it fizzled out to a standard love story, trying to get to that ending. It was lost, unfocused and eventually became unrealistic and lost my interest. I wouldn't even say it was predictable, as I am surprised by the too sweet ending. All left is for them to sync their periods :(


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