Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dark Lover By J.R. Ward

I'm just gonna be honest. I love paranormal. I have yet to come across one that I hate. Whether it be vampires or just plain death himself, I enjoy them all.

I love when an author can take an idea, and bring it to the next level, and that is what J.R. Ward has done. While not the most elite or refined of supernatural warriors, I loved the different elements and layers. As much as the glossary annoyed me in the beginning, I grew to love and appreciate their supernatural culture.

Even though we have read about Vampire's before, this one is different and I am pleased to say that! :) This is an intricate web of love, lies, deceit, chances and unfortunately supernatural war. I love all the brothers, but surprisingly I love Zsadist the most (no clue why). Where humans are concerned, Butch is just awesome!

If I keep this up, I'll be listing all day. I love all the characters! Even Mr. O, X and R. I just wish Mr. R had a different fate. The normal responses and actions are overlooked, and not because this is a paranormal novel, but just because it is so awesome, I even overlooked the grammatical errors. If there is spelling errors, I know not of, because I am so caught up in this story.

Wrath is like no other vampire. Only spoiler alert I will allow, but the man is blind. Have you ever read about a blind vampire King? o.O For I surely have not! Call me a sadist,  but I love that these tough warriors possess many weaknesses and restraints, even as vamps. It's about time vampires keep to the dark. Old folk, yes, but if done right, like here, it makes for entertainment and difference in the era of "Blades' walking around. After all, even Superman had a weakness ;)

I don't think we spent as much time with Beth, as we did with the brotherhood. The brotherhood and their cohorts took the front burner for this novel, while the romance got intertwined between all the crazy. I think this story span 2 weeks max, but it surely didn't feel that way.

Irrespective of the time spent, we got intimate and familiar with almost all the characters. Beth is a fierce character, and for what she lacked in fear and self preservation, she made up for in also having none. She kept you thinking and moving and gave you heart palpitations, right along with Wrath.

The culture, ceremonies and rules were  a different experience of their own and I appreciate that. There was base, and from that, sturdy foundation sprung an incredible story about a group of tortured warriors as they try to put their life in order.

I was never bored and I was always waiting for the next scene. This group of rap loving bad boys gave this novel life, purpose and possibilities. I can't wait to get more intimate with the other members of the brotherhood. This is a journey I can't wait to take! :D

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