Friday, 1 November 2013

Beautiful Player By Christina Lauren

When I look back on this series, I wonder if it's the same authors who wrote 'Beautiful Bastard'. I hated that novel. Not enough to not read the next, but I was definitely not a fan. Then they wrote 'Beautiful Stranger' and I had to do a double take. 'Beautiful Bitch' came next and I was impressed, because I actually began to like Bennett and Chloe characters. With that, came 'Beautiful Bombshell' and while I kept this one on my kindle for about a month after acquiring it, I loved their take on Vegas and discovered the character Will. To say I expected something different would be an understatement. I have no clue who Will was personality wise and I am thoroughly pleased that my expectations weren't met, because he is so much better!

I gave you that above history, to get you to understand what I feel towards this novel. It has been a journey. While not complete, it is astounding the level this cast of characters are now at. I am proud for both the characters and the authors and can truly say I am now a fan of this series and the authors.

Let me start by saying that while none of the characters in this novel fall to a cliche, Ziggy stands out more than all of them combined. At times she became reserved and insecure, but then Ziggy came back and I felt great again! She is carefree, confident, intelligent, witty, funny. She is the total package and I love her and Will together! I needed nothing else but those two in each other's company. Everything else paled in the background ... some might call it love :D

The first 15% of this book I spent laughing uncontrollable, and this is a testament within itself, because I had unlocked the first 5 chapters when it was offered about a month before release. When you can re-read a chapter and still laugh like it's the first time? ... Let's just say you got gold there baby!

Now unto Will, I know I said I had my own opinion of him, but that was before I thought he would get his own book and before I even knew he was Dr. Sumner and the level of intellect, intimacy and emotion he would be able to propel and place within a story. I think he blew Max Stella out of the water and almost nothing beats a Brit accent o.O

He was meticulous, thorough, funny, aggressively passive (not sure this makes sense), inspiring and let's not forget hot! I always pictured him as some man lacking in something, so he made up for it with randoms. I saw him as bland and normal but the man was the opposite of it all. He brought spark and life even when it wasn't needed, because Ziggy did it all on her own anyway.

If any problem I had with this story, is that I wanted more. I love and hate how it ended. Perfect ending indeed, but I wanted to spend more time with them. I wasn't near ready to let them go. I don't know the length, nor do I care. I am sure I could read at least 6 more chapters minimum with these two.

Another thing I liked about this story, that separated it from the usual genre, is the level of normalcy. They seemed more like a group of college guys without the endless women, than a group of Venture Capitalist, Scientist, CFOs and CEOs. It was warm and welcoming. Their wealth was never flaunted. It was the least. It was known but never seen, and for that, I applaud the authors.

I could go on all day about this story and have a review the size of this novel, because it is that good. So let me just say that you should totally grab a copy of this book in the series, because you won't be disappointed and you shall surely be entertained.

For those who love you some Max, Sara, Chloe, Bennett and even good ol' George from 'Beautiful Stranger', they are also present and accounted for and more involved than the usual 'Beautiful' novel cameos.

This whole series is like a bottle of fine wine and believe me when I say you wanna take a sip ;)

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