Monday, 25 November 2013

Lover Revealed By J.R. Ward

Execution, delivery, writing, structure, culture ... never doubt those aspects of this series. There is almost no need to comment on any of the above. They are always on point and in detail. Even in the land of make believe, there is reality where this novel and series is concerned. I am shocked at Marissa's fear of the brotherhood's nigh job, being Wrath's previous sheelan, but it is real and therefore can't be dismissed.

Now Butch and Marissa, I never really gave much thought or attention to them as a couple. I didn't hate them, but I found them solid and was a little surprised with their main problem. Once again, lack of communication was a bitch! However, they were just as good as all the mating's before, if not even better. There is a certain air of uncertainty and mystery where Butch is concerned now and I know his story and legacy will resonate through this series. It still leaves a feeling of something being incomplete, and for that, they are the most interesting couple so far.

One of my absolute faves of this series is V, and he gets more air time in this novel. Whether because of his closeness with Butch or maybe his story is coming. I am fascinated by him, his gifts and the many things he leads in this novel. I love him and secretly hope for a little rendezvous with him and Butch truly. I don't know ... maybe I am crazy o.O

I love that we keep in touch with John. Even though he is going through quite the changes, I love his development and the time we spend getting to know the incoming generation of the Brotherhood. Lash is kind of hilarious when in trouble and Rehv isn't so bad. I know he has a story, so I look forward to seeing what the sympath is capable of. The deeper this story goes, it's the more intricate and difficult the web gets. If you ain't packing an extra power, you might as well stay home in the mhis!

Marissa really grew into herself with this novel, and Havers kind of disappointed me. Everyone is finding purpose and you feel as if you are creating history with these characters. The fact that it doesn't take only a stake through the heart already gives this novel an edge. This is history, genes and so much more.

As small as the snippets of Butch family were, it was nice to get his background also. I don't know if anything will come of it, but I am glad that we are never left with basic questions when it comes to this series. Any unanswered questions is for a reason and  I have no doubt it will eventually be addressed.

Experiencing another ceremony in the cave was astounding. Once again, the culture and roots of this series are marvelous! By the end of this series I will feel like I am one of them and apart of their world. Yeh, it's that intense -_-

I'll probably even be learning the Old Language and ASL. You can see the effort, time and research placed in making the novel. Imagination or not, there is depth and a twinge of the real world. All bases are covered.

It's hard to put into words the pull this novel and series has. You would have to read it to experience the hold this story has on you. It's more than just a romance. It's love, lost, understanding, acceptance and the biggest of them all? ... Purpose.

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