Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Marriage by Mistake By Alyssa Kress

Don't let the unimaginative and unappealing cover fool you, this is a good story. Nothing less and nothing more. It is basic, but well written. There is little to no grammatical and spelling errors and the characters keep you interested and entertained. It's your run of the mill romance novel with it's own twist on a Vegas wedding.

Background wise, we focused more on the main male, Dean, than we did on the female lead, Kelly. That's fine however, as this did not detract from the story. It still kept me reading and wanting to know what happens next. It was a cat and mouse game throughout with a standard ending. In other words, it all felt mass produced.

Still, I liked the entire cast. They gave this laid-back mellow vibe while keeping us interested enough to make it to the end. We also got a semi two for one package, with not only the story of Dean and Kelly, but also Felicia and Troy. These couples are complicated without you feeling the effects. You understand the dynamics and the struggles, but you feel no pressure. Honestly, I was even looking for an epilogue or at least one more chapter to wrap it all up.

Dean is just oblivious to the emotions of the world and I love it! He gave you this confused but sure vibe, that instead of confusing you, it only entrapped you. Even though they weren't as passionate as most sex scenes, I liked these. They held their own vibe and connection, without going too far and any one tying any one to anything.

Kelly is a darling. She is strong if you ask me. I don't think I'd continue playing touch and go with a grown man, but she did. Background wise, we never focused much on her, with the time constraint and all the crazy happening. But, I would have liked some more background info on her. Her foundation was too vague for me. Maybe I just love her and wanted more Kelly time :)

Robby is a darling and Kirk is just hilarious. Troy and Felicia bring their own crazy, funny drama and it's all one big laugh, fun and party with this group. At times I got a little tired of Troy and Felicia story, because I wanted to know what was next with Kelly and Dean, but then I got over it and enjoyed it for the 2-4-1 that it is!

Overall, I can say this is a well written and safe story. While it does give a mass produced vibe, it is memorable in it's own right and is a good laid-back novel that you can read on your down time, or if you decide to take a sabbatical from main stream angst, cliche filled love fests. It is just right for what it hoped to convey and it satisfies.

What more could you ask for? :D


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