Friday, 29 November 2013

Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story By J.R. Ward

I just love Bella and Zsadist! I just wanna bottle them up and never let them go. After six books, I still look forward to the two of them the most. If my pure love for them wasn't enough, add those scorching sex scenes and you got a banger baby!!

I love how this story focused solely on them. With exception for the chapter that gave us a brief view on the Doc, it was all Z and Bella with Nalla. They are the cutest little family, and who would have thought that Z would have been the first to carry on the line of Aghony and the aristocrats? Not me!

It was like watching Z and Bella fall in love again. It also gave us an update and dose of reality as to where Z is in his recovery. He's not as far as I suspected at the end of 'Lover Awakened'.  He s struggling and with even more baggage.

Even though Mary has paled quite considerably since 'Lover Eternal', the brothers never take a weak female. As such, it's good to see the fruits of Mary's labour and I always love it when she and Z get together. Whether learning or therapy, those two got a rhythm that no one else has with Z, not even Bella. Maybe it's her training, but Mary definitely knows how to handle him.

I don't know T.W. and we might never see him again, but I love the man and what he stands for. His moment with his wife was precious, and was a slice of life outside of the supernatural, something that has been missing and slipping as this series grow.

An update was also provided on the other members of the brotherhood, however minimal. Phury is back how I remember and respect him, even if he isn't fighting, and it was good to get back out in the field with the brothers. Their tactics and battles always fascinated and intrigued me. I loved 'Dark Lover' where we got more fighting than romance. There was plotting, scheming and failure. I secretly would have liked at least some action from Mr. D, but then again, this novel was about love, reconciling and building new bridges.

I searched without seeing a book for Nalla, but I already love the young and anticipate spending time with her uncle Rehvenge in the next novel. Hopefully we get some more Bella and Z time from this, however small :)

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