Friday, 15 November 2013

The Devil's Masquerade: The Poison By Jennifer Loren

Ok, I'll bite. I wasn't the biggest fan of this paranormal turn of events, and while I am still not settled with it all, I have embraced it a little more and as such learned to appreciate the concept more than the last installment. I still see these characters as a bunch of criminals, and not supernatural forces, that make literal life and death decisions with realms and all sorts of hoopla.

Kayla is still fiery, but she is fizzling a little and there is so much confusion that I just want all the ducks to line up and get to the fighting part. There is so many angles and POVs to this story. I do however like the different POVs, as it helps to keep us in the loop, and keep me from screaming at the pages more than I do now.

I am beginning to like Elijah more than before and Nick is getting more distant as the time goes. I feel like I don't know his character as much as I did before. Honestly, I miss him too :(
There is so many elements and layers. I can truly say that this book is written well, with just the right balance and discovery. If this series had started as a paranormal, I would love it even more.

I have always loved Ryan's character, and while he is straying and has lost his way, I love him even more and  keep rooting for him. After Kayla, Nick and Nicky, he is my favorite character. I am also pleased to see so many of the old guys still within the inner circle.

Overall though, I feel as if this story is in it's beginning stages and this seems to actually be the second to last book in this series. Then again, who knows. This book started out as a  crime drama and next thing you know people are dying from heart attacks at all ages!

We got some background on the Savage/Jayzon family and I loved it. I believe it was just the foundation needed to kick us off on this paranormal journey, even though it contributes to the new vibe that I get from this story. Whilst I feel the familiarity to most of the characters, it has also uprooted me and have me trying to figure out who is what (yes what) and what side I should be on.

Therein lies my predicament. While I know this is a well written novel, with a great story line and set of characters, I know them. At least I thought I did. As such, I am having trouble acclimating to them as paranormal beings and the story feels like a start. Still, I am intrigued, kept interested and can't wait to know more about this world they have entered and what awaits the clan.

This book is like an introduction into this series and feels like the first book in a series as oppose to the fourth. It will have you a little shaky and confuse, but it is a good book with an interesting set of characters and possibilities in abundance. You might be confused, but you won't be bored :)

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