Sunday, 10 November 2013

It's All Relative By S.C. Stephens

Well, it's no secret what this story is about. I liked the premise, characters and even the progression. The early twist, while a surprise, wasn't much of a shock. Honestly, based on the series of events, didn't do much to make this any less taboo. But I love it anyway :)

Still, I think this story was unnecessarily long, an as such, got very repetitive and uninspiring mostly in the middle of the novel. I also feel like while the end is complete, there is still so much unknown variables and after all that they have been through, a more proper ending would have been nice.

I loved all the characters. They were unique and carried their own personalities. Each individual character is memorable, even if we only had over the phone contact with them. I especially love Louis, April and Missy. They are the three that bring the most drama, comedy relief and pure quirkiness to this story. You can count on Louis to be strange, Missy to be forward and April to be  romantic and sexual. While I get the character of Harmony, she never really got to expand much like the others.

Kai is a decent young man who is basically perfect. I loved the initial moments with both him and Jesse together and individually. I connected with his character most in the first chapters, than I did any where else in this novel. I just love him unconditionally! He is one of those characters that you just wanna hug, love and squeeze. He is patient, kind, understanding, shy ... the man is a gem and a total catch. How he was single is a surprise to me!

With that being said, not that I hate her, because I don't, but Jesse is a great character also. I just don't get the same amount of love as I do from Kai. I feel like she did most of the instigating in this novel, but I love her nonetheless. Being in her thoughts and to see her little acts to spend time with Kai were funny and quite sweet.

Though when they weren't being sweet, they had some very intense intimate moments. That first sex scene resonated with me throughout the novel, mostly by their words than their actions. Not that it was lacking, but their dirty talk was filthy and the voyeur in them was H.O.T.!!! :)

Grams was also hilarious and even Betty added to this great novel. It was nice to learn a little about science and working as an environmentalist, as few novels these days take that route, over the Manhattan millionaires. It was a nice change of pace and thoughts. If anything, I would have loved to spend some more time in Hawaii to get another feel from this novel. Not that it's needed, but it would be nice.

A basic delivery, with an intriguing story line, great characters, sex and writing all wrapped up in a very long but satisfying package. Get to know Kai, you will love him ;)

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