Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lover Awakened By J.R. Ward

I knew it! I just knew Zsadist would give me the best one so far, or at least the most emotional. God I love him! I just don't wanna leave his POV :(  I have always loved Zsadist and Mr. O and now I don't know how I will feel about the other books. I know I will love them, because this series is just awesome, but I will miss being in the mind of Bella and Zsadist. If the pattern of this book is anything to go from, once a character has had his book, you don't normally revisit their mind, so I will miss Zsadist and Bella as we get deeper into the brotherhood.

It is safe to say I loved this story. I have been submerged in all things "Black Dagger Brotherhood" for half the week and I can't seem to stop. I love Zsadist, so even if he wasn't the sarcastic, trouble maker that he is, I would still love this story. That emotional as hell ending with him and Bella literally brought tears to my eyes. Wasn't all out bawling, but I did get teary eyed.

I had loved Bella from book 2, but I love her even more now. She is strong, quite the temptress and those needing scenes were intense, hilarious, and hot as hell!! I even felt a little stir myself ;) Literal death by sex is quite an option :)

I always revert to the culture of this novel. I learn a new one with every installment, and become more in awe of these amazing characters and their traditions. This is quite the unique set of vampires and enemies. Anything is possible in this novel and no one stays dead, so I look forward to many surprises.

There is a whole lot of history, violence and sarcasm within this novel. Havers worked over time if you ask me. Honestly, the good doctor is probably one of the most important characters in this novel. Everyone goes to him. I am starting to believe he is the only doctor in the world of Vamps.

To know more about Phurry and Zsadist bond and struggles helped me to understand and love the characters even more. I also love the human feel this novel gives you. The details are intricate and realistic, or as realistic as a vampire paranormal can get. I feel the pain, torment, love, lost. I feel it all. This novel and series on a hold is a family. I have bonded with all the characters, animals included. Love you boo :D

It was nice to spend more time with V and Butch as we get ready for their stories, as well as John. I weep for the struggles of his character. I love him and can't wait for his transition. The more vampires are added, the better and stronger this series get. Most of the original lessers are gone, but I hope for so much more on their side in upcoming novels. Even being the enemies, they make the fights worthy and intense.

The lost of a beloved character from this series hit hard. I am even unable to mourn, because I just hope that a loop hole will pop up and both of them get a reincarnation of sorts. The possibilities of this novel keep me from grieving properly. This was a major plot twist and as a family, we all felt it.

I can truly say that this series gets better with each novel, and I can't wait to get to the next one. I am never bored or uninterested. I don't even mind the many POVs. I love every angle and direction this story takes, and I can't wait to get to the next. Not the biggest Butch and Marissa fan, I'm a little apprehensive, but I hope for the best ;)

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