Friday, 22 November 2013

Lover Eternal By J.R. Ward

My My. The culture, romance, spirt, changes ... there is so much! I see this story moving and growing. While we weren't as emerged in the brotherhood, as we were before, I am glad for the time we spent with them. To not only see the suggested changes from book 1, but to also learn more about the other brothers as Wrath was a little hermit.

We get a better feel of their bond, and get even more submerged into their culture. I think that is the biggest turn on for me, as I seem to love their rules and rituals more than anything else. Another plus, is that we got to spend more intimate times with two of my favorite characters, Zsadist and O. Yup, the lesser!

If they were ruthless, or dangerous to themselves and others, we got a slice of them. Mr. X also lives on, like the evil head villain that he is, and I am also bittersweet about their development as a Society. While I hate what they stand for, I like the equality and growth. If your going to stretch an idea thin, then give it some wings and space. I see that so far from this series. The more we get into the brotherhood, the more we shift our beliefs, while we learn more about each member. Even the Scribe Virgin is making more appearances.

I would have liked some more Beth in this one, but I guess her time has expired, so on we go. The new additions weren't bad. I love Bella and like Mary. Yes, I like one more than the other, but not by much. I think Bella's love is a connection via the love I share for the character that is Zsadist :)

Even though I know this novel was the focus of Rhage and Mary, there was so many awesome things going on, that I was unable to focus on them much. They peaked early for me, and while I was not bored, I couldn't wait to figure out the rest of the tales unraveling around us. John Matthew is a promising character, and I can't wait to reach his book, as his introduction is a memorable one.

Rhage didn't shock me, but I was surprised. While I got the lack of brain to mouth filter, I expected a little more sass from him. I can only hope Zsadist will provide that release. Rhage was rather tame compared to what I expected. I do love when the beast got it's turn to literally shine. I don't know what it is about that dragon, but I love it! Maybe I am riding the same crazy train as Mary x_x

The brotherhood strives. Changes filter in all around, and you can expect a heavy dose of history, culture, lies, secrets and the continuation of deaths in this war. I am super pumped to get on to the next because I can't wait to see the outcome of everyone's actions and decisions. With each book, we get another piece of the puzzle, and the more characters introduced, is the better it gets. There is possibilities lying in wait for this series and I can't wait to stumble upon them all ;)

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