Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ride By J.C. Emery

Well, this was ... different? o.O

I like Alex and Ryan. I don't mind them as a couple either. But then again, we never really got to see how they would fare as one. I hoped that wasn't the ending, looking for a cliffhanger of sorts. However, reading the blurb for book 2, makes me realize that this is where it ends. If so, I am confused and this story loses cool points for that fact alone. After all, the story is no where near complete. Many, many questions surround this one. As content as an ending as it was, more is needed.

For the most part, this story was good and building. It had a great build up, then held a steady pace. Just when I thought that they were getting their footing, and we would get the romance angle of the novel, it ended with an unimpressive kidnapping and not so interesting save. All that did was to make more questions than answers.

Alex is great. There is something about her character. I occasionally hate how passive she is, but I also like that she isn't overly dramatic. Still, I would have loved to get more of her personality. To see her in a different element, other than captivity. Powerful men seem to draw to this Principessa and I'm not so sure why. I can't tell you if she is fun or outgoing, but the few times she allows her wit and snarky attitude to surface, was great!

Ryan is a douche, but I love his character. Especially when we got the chance to be in is head. He is rather indifferent to the whole thing. As such, I find his final emotions are hard for me to trust. I believe he cares, but a declaration of love isn't quite his speed yet.

While I admire the change, as narration goes, I would have liked some more time with Ryan and the club. After all, this is a MC/Mafia novel. I would think that we would get to go in the men's world, if only for a day. It's like a real MC/Mafia situation, we aren't given much to go on. I would have loved to dive deeper and get more familiar with the guys in the club.

I love psychology and philosophical everything. I believe that quotes are more powerful than we give them credit for. A quote can make all the difference and I learnt a few, as well as, made a few personal faves with the ones situated at the beginning of every chapter. While It's been done before, it is a gesture I appreciate in books that have them.

The MC/Mafia relationship isn't the only one lacking, as I would love to have get some more Alex, Ruby and Ian time. Even Ryan and Jim. Despite these shortcomings though, I was entertained and kept interested throughout. Both Alex and Ryan are great narrators, and all I could ask of this book is more time on the dark side and a smoother ending. It felt rushed.

Even without some basic foundation and connections, I still liked this tale and believe that its a good written MC/Mafia novel that shows another side of both these known organizations. Even though not what I expected, I can't wait to read book 2.

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