Wednesday, 13 November 2013

White Trash Damaged By Teresa Mummert

So ...on the road with "Damaged". I really hope this story isn't finish, because while not a cliffhanger, that wasn't the most splendid of endings either. It's like literally, epiphany then ending. Epilogue, then real real ending. I won't hound on the whole story but what kind of crappy ending and epiphany was that! I kept checking to see if I was really at 97% because there is so much to work out!

I still don't know Tucker's character personally. However, I appreciate them a little bit more as a couple. I see where they can build and become something beautiful. I understand that he has her best interest at all times. Otherwise, I am at a lost. For a while I wondered if she was gonna hook up with Eric instead o.O

The topic of her getting to the next phase in her life was a great addition and progression for this story. But once again, it fell short and was abandoned. I believe she is truly lost and needs some direction and guidance. Her story is not complete and has a long way to go. I just really hope we could have started the journey with her.

As I am not sure how they will play out as a couple, I like Sarah and Eric separately. I have grown to love Eric, and sympathize more with him, than I did with even Jax. Guess I like to root for the underdog :)
I was receptive to him from he asked for a bottle of water and I can't wait to dive more into his story, as I feel like I am getting to know him, and can't wait to know more.

The character of Donna, while a cliche to the usual rocker romance novels, was another wrongly utilized element. There was so much  possibilities to be gained from that addition and it could have swung anyway, but the detail wasn't given to neither the character or the situation.

I feel like this whole series is filled with potentials, but no one to show them in all their greatness. This novel holds back a lot. It was the time to open up, right the wrongs and make a change. Even though we got at least one rocky relationship on stabler grounds, there is so much more that needs to come to the forefront with Tucker and Cass before Eric's story. I'm not so sure we will ever get to connect with the character that is Tucker.

While I am not a rock star nor know much about the life, I can even see the discrepancies stemming from book 1 that carried over into this installment. I don't think we are ever really clear as to the status of the band in  the world of music. Are they an up and coming band or are they in the big times? I think they are in limbo, but it'd be nice to have a solid place at the end of this novel, that I assumed was a focus more on the band, than Cass and Tucker.

Despite the faults of this novel, I was entertained and kept interested enough to finish in one day with many long breaks. I just really wish we could have gotten to know Tucker more and to finally give Cass some direction or purpose. It would have also been nice to get to know a little more about the twins also. Not as fast forward as the previous book. It could have been deeper, or atleast ... "that's what she said" :D

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