Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ripping Pages By Rachel Rae

There is something about this book. It's not the best, and is filled with many eye rolling moments, but I was interested and it is a quick and easy read.

More dialogue and less narration was needed. Personalities, background, future or present emotions were't properly developed. While I never left this story with many questions, the answers weren't sufficient or realistic enough either. There were many inconsistencies and really far fetched, underdeveloped ideas. Witness Protection ... really? o.O

I think both guys were great guys and I wouldn't call this a full love triangle. She only dates one at a time. They just happen to both have really bad timing and ways to express their hurts and wants.

While I am glad that we weren't doing the touring with the band thing, as it was a change from the usual rock and roll romance, I still would have liked to know more about the band, or at least see them in action more than two times. I want to know and feel his passion for life, Tin, and his band.

His past, though a messed up one, was an original of sorts. It was cold-hearted and quite callous but not one we see very often. Sarah is a different kind of woman, but I think it might have helped the story a little if she was given more than a bio. This story needed some real problems, drama and emotions to make it feel more like a story than an account of one.

Tinley. Weird name btw. Tinley ... I can't make a concrete statement as to this chick. I got her. Motivations, decisions ... even when I don't agree, I got it. I have no problem with any of the characters, especially her. I would have loved more conversation, time, build up and dramatic moments. As is, this is a nice idea. It needs development, in ways of layers and connections.

Van could make an incredible book boyfriend, but his personality wasn't expounded upon and I never got to know his nor James character, to be comfortable enough to make a decision or be swayed to a side for sure.
Excuses and explanations were far fetched, and as such, I am unable to be completely comfortable with her decision. Not that I hate her choice, but it wasn't as cut and dry as we were lead to believe. Even their lifestyles and developments weren't given enough light and details for you to understand and accept.

Though, I do love her career development initially. It was the most realistic topic of the story. It also eventually fell of course. I wanted to feel connected and steadfast in my decision between both James and Van. I also love good scenery description and I believe that we skimmed too much to fully develop many ideas and scenes within this novel.

I won't call this book awful, especially for a new author, but I will say that it needed more conversation and development. I wanted to feel a bond with more than Tinley, but I did love the characters and enjoyed the story. I won't write Rachel Rae off as an author, as I see potential and possibilities and would probably read another book by her. For all the shortcomings, there were enough moments to keep me interested in both the author and the story.

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